ImExProfi Ltd

Other transliteration options
LLC ImEksProfi
Original name (russian)
ООО ИмЭксПрофи
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Registration data

  • OGRN? Primary State Registration Number, unique identifier of a company5087746600200
  • INN? Taxpayer Identification Number7743718531
  • KPP? Determines the legal entity's affiliation with a particular tax authority as well as the reason for registration. One organization may have several KPPs774301001
  • Incorporation date2008-12-15
  • Registered capital102 403 000 ₽
  • StatusActive
  • Legal address125499, Moscow, bivd. Kronshtadtsky, house 39, case 1, the room I Komnata 45/RM 3-3
  • Number of employees9
  • Director's NamePonomarev Mikhail Lvovich
  • Director's TIN774333033620
  • Director's titleGeneral Director

Risk indicator

We identified that ImExProfi Ltd has certain risks and red flags. Before sending a prepayment we highly recommend to verify company background and order business risk report.

Risk Level: Average
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Registered activities

  • Primary activity? Note. Companies in Russia can have many registered areas of activity. Companies can register a large list of activities, but may not currently be involved in all such these activities. Recently, state registrars have relaxed regulation regarding accurate registration of activities. However, it is considered good form to register the primary main activity such that it reflects the actual business of the company.Trade wholesale on a fee or contract basis
  • Additional activities
    • Trade wholesale on a fee or contract basis

    • Trade in motor vehicles

    • Automotive parts and accessories

    • Trade of motorcycles and related parts and accessories; maintenance and repair of motorcycles

    • Trade wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco

    • Trade wholesale non-food consumer goods

    • Trade wholesale jewelry

    • Trade wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies

    • Specialized wholesale trade other

    • Trade wholesale of gold and other precious metals

    • Wholesale trade of precious stones

    • Trade non-specialized wholesale

    • Retail trade outside stores, stalls, markets

    • Other auxiliary activities related to transportation

    • The activities of postal services of General use

    • Activity courier

    • Activities in the field of broadcasting

    • Activities in the field of television broadcasting

    • Activities related to using of computers and information technology, other

    • Activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

    • Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

    • Activities in the field of law and accounting

    • The activities of advertising

    • Activities in the field of photography

    • Activities translation and interpretation

    • The activities packing of goods

    • Services in the field of sports

    • Services in the field of entertainment and recreation other

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You can find the relevant contact information on ImExProfi Ltd in the .

  • Phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Address
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Get a detailed understanding of who founded ImExProfi Ltd, who were the owners in the past, who owns the company right now and what their share is. Information on founders and owners is available in the .

  • Founder
  • Owners
  • Shareholders
  • Branches
  • Established companies
  • Shares in other companies
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Explore the connections of ImExProfi Ltd linking directors, subsidiaries, founders and more. This information is presented in the .


Get information about the directors of ImExProfi Ltd , what other companies were founded by this person, where he or she currently holds positions.

  • Founder
  • Founder in dissolved companies
  • Currently holds position in
  • Resigned from active companies
  • Resigned from dissolved companies
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  • Revenue646 230 000 ₽
  • Net profit4 924 000 ₽
  • Balance102 403 000 ₽

Probability of bankruptcy

Probability of bankruptcy

This rating allows you to estimate the probability of ImExProfi Ltd going bankrupt next year. According to statistics, a score of 20 points means that one out of ten companies will go bankrupt next year. A score of 40 points decreases the chance of bankruptcy to one out a hundred.

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Expert rating

Expert rating

Expert rating of ImExProfi Ltd. When assessing the expert rating, we take into consideration the financial performance of the company and the industry. Rating is available from AAA to CCC.

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Accounting statements

ImExProfi Ltd Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash, Key Trends and Important Ratios

Balance sheet
Balance sheet
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Income statements
Income statements
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Key trends for 5 years

Key trends for 5 years
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Judicial information
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Pay attention to what is important

Understanding Positive, Negative and Pay-Attention factors of ImExProfi Ltd will allow to make more informed business decisions by accurately assessing the risks involved.

  • Positive factors
  • Negative factors
  • Pay-attention factors
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To analyze the risks involved in dealing with an organization we take into full consideration financial strength and trends, tax debts, signs of business activity during the last year, mention in special registries of various government autorities, etc.


What public procurements is ImExProfi Ltd involved in? Data on public procurements by ImExProfi Ltd is presented in the .

Participation in public procurements
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