JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina

Original name (russian)
АО НПП Исток Имени А. И. Шокина
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Registration data

  • OGRN? Primary State Registration Number, unique identifier of a company1135050007400
  • INN? Taxpayer Identification Number5050108496
  • KPP? Determines the legal entity's affiliation with a particular tax authority as well as the reason for registration. One organization may have several KPPs505001001
  • Incorporation date2013-12-31
  • Registered capital71 502 213 000 ₽
  • StatusActive
  • Legal address141190, obl. Moskovskaya, Fryazino, st. Vokzalnaya, house 2A, case 1, Komnata 65, etazh 2
  • Number of employees
  • Director's NameBorisov Aleksandr Anatolyevich
  • Director's TIN5050108496
  • Director's titleGeneral Director

Risk indicator

Even staying in a green zone JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina has a few risks. Before sending a prepayment we suggest to verify company background and order business risk report.

Risk Level: Low
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Registered activities

  • Primary activity? Note. Companies in Russia can have many registered areas of activity. Companies can register a large list of activities, but may not currently be involved in all such these activities. Recently, state registrars have relaxed regulation regarding accurate registration of activities. However, it is considered good form to register the primary main activity such that it reflects the actual business of the company.Manufacture of electronic components
  • Additional activities
    • Manufacture of electronic components

    • Services for providing temporary accommodation for visitors with the security daily housekeeping (excluding areas owned by a specified time of the year)

    • Other transformers with capacity of more than 16 kVA

    • Magnetrons, klystrons, microwave devices and other electronic vacuum or gas-filled tube

    • Manufacture of wooden containers

    • Manufacture of other products of wood

    • Manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard paper and cardboard packaging

    • Manufacture of industrial gases

    • Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

    • The production of plastic products for packaging of goods

    • Providing services in the field of manufacture of other plastic products

    • Manufacture of hollow glass products

    • Manufacture of refractory products

    • Manufacture of other technical ceramic products

    • Forging, pressing, stamping and roll forming, manufacturing of products with powder metallurgy method

    • Metal treatment and coating of metals

    • Processing of metal products mechanical

    • Manufacture of locks, hinges

    • Production tool

    • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

    • Manufacture of communication equipment

    • Consumer electronics

    • Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation

    • Manufacture of photographic and filming equipment

    • Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers

    • Manufacture of electric furnaces

    • Manufacturing Metalworking equipment

    • Manufacture of medical instruments and equipment

    • Manufacture of other finished products not included in other groupings

    • Repair of machinery and equipment

    • Repair of electronic and optical equipment

    • The production of electricity

    • Distribution of electric power

    • Electricity trade

    • Production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water; air conditioning

    • Fence, purification and distribution of water

    • Collection and treatment of sewage

    • Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste

    • Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

    • The dismantling of the equipment beyond repair

    • Recovery of sorted materials

    • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings

    • Demolition of buildings

    • Site preparation

    • Contractors

    • Electrical contractors

    • Manufacture of sanitary-technical works, installation of heating systems and air conditioning systems

    • Manufacture of other construction works

    • Plastering contractors

    • Work, joiners and carpenters

    • Work on the device of coverings of floors and walls

    • Manufacture of builders ' carpentry and joinery

    • Manufacture of other electronic parts and equipment

    • Production of roofing works

    • Construction works special works not included in other groupings

    • Work waterproofing

    • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles

    • Agent activities in wholesale trading of other household goods not included in other groupings

    • Trade wholesale of non-electrical household appliances

    • Trade wholesale of waste and scrap

    • Other retail trade in non-specialized stores

    • Retail trade in non-stationary trading objects other goods

    • Rail transportation: freight

    • Activities of road freight transport and shipping services

    • Activities warehousing and storage

    • Storage and warehousing of liquid or gaseous freight

    • The activities of the subsidiary, associated with road transport

    • Cargo handling

    • The activities of hotels and other places for temporary residence

    • Activities to provide other places for temporary residence

    • Activities catering for other types of catering

    • Publishing of books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing of dictionaries and encyclopedias in electronic media

    • Publishing of journals and periodicals

    • Activities in the field of communication based on a wired technology

    • Activities providing telephone service

    • Activities in the field of communications based on wireless technologies

    • Activities in the field of satellite communications

    • Activities telecommunications other

    • The development of computer software

    • Activities and Advisory work in the field of computer technology

    • Management of computer equipment

    • Activities related to using of computers and information technology, other

    • Activities data processing, the provision of services on placement of information and related activities

    • The other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

    • Renting and operating of own or leased non-residential real estate

    • Management of residential buildings on a fee or contract basis

    • Activities in the field of law

    • The activity of providing services in the field of accounting, financial audit, tax consulting

    • Activities in the field of architecture

    • Activities in the field of architecture associated with the creation of the architectural object

    • Activities in the field of engineering survey, engineering design, project management, construction, construction monitoring and supervision, provision of technical advice in these areas

    • Development of projects for air conditioning, refrigeration engineering, sanitary engineering and monitoring of environmental pollution, building acoustics

    • Activities related to the active influence on meteorological and geophysical processes and phenomena

    • Activities in the field of technical regulation, standardization, Metrology, accreditation, cataloging products

    • Technical testing, analysis and certification

    • Testing, research and analysis of the integrated mechanical and electrical systems, energy audits

    • Research and experimental development on natural Sciences and engineering other

    • Services for representation in the media

    • Activities in the field of photography

    • Activities translation and interpretation

    • Renting and leasing of other machinery and equipment not included into other groupings

    • The activities of recruitment agencies

    • Activities of travel agencies

    • Booking services and other related activities

    • The private security activities

    • The activities of the security

    • Investigations

    • Activities for cleaning of residential buildings and non-residential premises other

    • Activities cleaning, other, not included in other groupings

    • Activities Photocopying and preparing documents and other specialized support activities for the activities office

    • Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses companies

    • Activities to ensure public order and security

    • Education higher

    • The training of highly qualified personnel

    • Additional professional education

    • Activities for additional professional education other, not elsewhere classified

    • Activities of hospital organizations

    • General medical practice

    • Dental practice

    • Activity of sanatorium organizations

    • Activities in the field of medicine, other, not included in other groupings

    • The provision of other social services without accommodation not included in other groupings

    • The activities of libraries and archives

    • Services in the field of entertainment and recreation other

    • All other personal services, are not included in other groupings

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You can find the relevant contact information on JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina in the .

  • Phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Address
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Get a detailed understanding of who founded JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina, who were the owners in the past, who owns the company right now and what their share is. Information on founders and owners is available in the .

  • Founder
  • Owners
  • Shareholders
  • Branches
  • Established companies
  • Shares in other companies
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Explore the connections of JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina linking directors, subsidiaries, founders and more. This information is presented in the .


Get information about the directors of JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina , what other companies were founded by this person, where he or she currently holds positions.

  • Founder
  • Founder in dissolved companies
  • Currently holds position in
  • Resigned from active companies
  • Resigned from dissolved companies
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  • Revenue13 661 653 000 ₽
  • Net profit3 327 238 000 ₽
  • Balance71 502 213 000 ₽

Probability of bankruptcy

Probability of bankruptcy

This rating allows you to estimate the probability of JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina going bankrupt next year. According to statistics, a score of 20 points means that one out of ten companies will go bankrupt next year. A score of 40 points decreases the chance of bankruptcy to one out a hundred.

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Expert rating

Expert rating

Expert rating of JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina. When assessing the expert rating, we take into consideration the financial performance of the company and the industry. Rating is available from AAA to CCC.

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Accounting statements

JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash, Key Trends and Important Ratios

Balance sheet
Balance sheet
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Income statements
Income statements
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Key trends for 5 years

Key trends for 5 years
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Judicial information
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Pay attention to what is important

Understanding Positive, Negative and Pay-Attention factors of JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina will allow to make more informed business decisions by accurately assessing the risks involved.

  • Positive factors
  • Negative factors
  • Pay-attention factors
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To analyze the risks involved in dealing with an organization we take into full consideration financial strength and trends, tax debts, signs of business activity during the last year, mention in special registries of various government autorities, etc.


What public procurements is JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina involved in? Data on public procurements by JSC NPP Istok Imeni A. I. Shokina is presented in the .

Participation in public procurements
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