ERA Limited

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Registration data

  • OGRN? Primary State Registration Number, unique identifier of a company1022302392958
  • INN? Taxpayer Identification Number2315098353
  • KPP? Determines the legal entity's affiliation with a particular tax authority as well as the reason for registration. One organization may have several KPPs231501001
  • Incorporation date2002-12-03
  • Registered capital596 874 000 ₽
  • StatusActive
  • Legal address353900, krai Krasnodarsky, Novorossiysk, st. Gubernskogo, house 31
  • Number of employees111
  • Director's NameSalionov Vyacheslav Alekseyevich
  • Director's TIN231505496700
  • Director's titleCEO

Registered activities

  • Primary activity? Note. Companies in Russia can have many registered areas of activity. Companies can register a large list of activities, but may not currently be involved in all such these activities. Recently, state registrars have relaxed regulation regarding accurate registration of activities. However, it is considered good form to register the primary main activity such that it reflects the actual business of the company.Trade non-specialized wholesale
  • Additional activities
    • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings

    • Agent activities in wholesale trading of other household goods

    • Trade non-specialized wholesale

    • Activity of marine passenger transport

    • The activity of Maritime freight transport

    • The activity of inland water passenger transport

    • Inland water freight transportation

    • Activities warehousing and storage

    • Ancillary activities related to water transport

    • Auxiliary activities related to sea transport

    • Cargo handling

    • Transport other freight processing

    • Other auxiliary activities related to transportation

    • Activities to ensure safety in emergency situations other

    • Production of petroleum products

    • Trade wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products

    • Services in renting (rent) own or leased non-residential premises

    • Trade non-specialized wholesale

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Get a detailed understanding of who founded ERA Limited, who were the owners in the past, who owns the company right now and what their share is. Information on founders and owners is available in the complete risk report.
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  • Revenue2 807 518 000 ₽
  • Net profit-40 717 000 ₽
  • Balance596 874 000 ₽

Probability of bankruptcy

Probability of bankruptcy
This rating allows you to estimate the probability of ERA Limited going bankrupt next year. According to statistics, a score of 20 points means that one out of ten companies will go bankrupt next year. A score of 40 points decreases the chance of bankruptcy to one out a hundred.

Expert rating

Expert rating
Expert rating of ERA Limited. When assessing the expert rating, we take into consideration the financial performance of the company and the industry. Rating is available from AAA to CCC.

Accounting statements

ERA Limited Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash, Key Trends and Important Ratios
Balance sheet
Income statements

Key trends for 5 years

Key trends for 5 years



Pay attention to what is important
Understanding Positive, Negative and Pay-Attention factors of ERA Limited will allow to make more informed business decisions by accurately assessing the risks involved.
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  • Negative factors
  • Pay-attention factors

To analyze the risks involved in dealing with an organization we take into full consideration financial strength and trends, tax debts, signs of business activity during the last year, mention in special registries of various government autorities, etc.

Risk Level
Learn the risk level associated with ERA Limited


What public procurements is ERA Limited involved in? Data on public procurements by ERA Limited is presented in the complete risk report.