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PJSC Khimprom

OGRN:? Primary State Registration Number, unique identifier of a company
INN:? Taxpayer Identification Number
KPP:? Determines the legal entity's affiliation with a particular tax authority as well as the reason for registration. One organization may have several KPPs
429965, Chuvashia Chuvashskaya Respublika, Novocheboksarsk, st. Promyshlennaya, house 101
Primary activity:? Note. Companies in Russia can have many registered areas of activity. Companies can register a large list of activities, but may not currently be involved in all such activities. Recently, state registrars have relaxed regulation regarding accurate registration of activities. However, it is considered good form to register the primary main activity such that it reflects the actual business of the company.
Other organic chemicals production
Original name (russian):
ПАО "Химпром"
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We provide data that cannot be found in open sources. Learn how you can use it

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searchPJSC Khimprom (ПАО "Химпром")429965, Chuvashia Chuvashskaya Respublika, Novocheboksarsk, st. Promyshlennaya, house 1011022100910226
Registration data report
Registration data report

PDF report available in English

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  • Basic registration data
  • Company name
  • Russian company name
  • Incorporation date
  • Average number of employees
  • Address
  • Primary activity
  • Additional activities
  • Registered capital
  • Revenue
  • Balance
  • Status
  • Shareholder and investor information
  • Shareholders
  • Shareholding ratio
  • Liquidation information
  • Document number
  • Content of punishment
  • Decision authority
  • Decision date
  • Contact information
    * may not be available for some organizations
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Branch information
  • Name
  • KPP
  • Name of legal person or person in charge
  • Change record information
  • Information on bank accounts
  • Directors, supervisors and seniors
  • Name
  • Position
Registration data report

PDF report available in English

Download a sample report

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