Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What type of service we provide?
    • Background investigation report
    • Sellers’ contact list
  2. 2. How often the information is updated?

    The information is up to date to the minute the attorney verifies the report and sends it out. Changes can take place after that moment but the information sent to you is valid and verified.

  3. 3. Could you find a Job on our website?


  4. 4. Could we help to return money if you didn’t receive your order?


  5. 5. Do we represent the same company as the one you find in our database?


  6. 6. Whats is the level of details in our report?
    • company information (registered address, contacts, and date of incorporation)
    • subsidiaries, connections through directors, founders, and owners
    • current and resigned directors and shareholders
    • shareholders' history, previous company names
    • insolvency information, past or current bankruptcy
    • financial records, participation in government tenders
    • sanction lists or any records of ongoing or previous litigation
    • any records of legal and/or fiscal wrongdoing or current legal disputes
    • arrested bank accounts
    • tax fees
  7. 7. Would I understand if the company is trustful and reliable?


  8. 8. What do you need to know to verify a supplier?

    The most important information is a full name of the company. Additionally is good to learn the address and registration number.

  9. 9. Would you get all the information for free?

    No, only part of it.

  10. 10. How long will it take to get my report?

    The report will be ready in 1-3 business days once you confirm the request and make a payment. In general, you will receive your report within 48 hours, excluding weekends.

  11. 11. Where does the information come from?

    We identify and verify companies using information from a range of official government sources and third-party databases. Business registration data for companies in China is provided by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of each province.

  12. 12. How much will it cost?

    Our prices

  13. 13. How can you pay an invoice?

    You can pay with a credit card. We use an international payment system called Stripe. The manager will contact you and send you a link to pay once you confirm your request.

  14. 14. Could we check if the documents are real?


  15. 15. What is the success rate of finding reliable sellers though your list?

    Each situation is different but accourding to our clients statistics the success rate is more than 70%.

  16. 16. What to expect after filling out the form?

    We will contact you to request supplier details.