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Engineering and technology research and experimental development

This page contains a list of Chinese exporting companies working in the specified business category.

There are 14091 companies on 141 pages. Scroll down the list to find the company you are looking for and click to get more information on it.
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Total companies: 14091Total pages: 141
China-Australia Kichuang (Shenzhen) New Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300329538922M
Incorporation date: 2015-01-30
Address: Yutang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City, Tianliao Community Guangming High-tech Park, East of the 7th Road, Zhongcono Digital Technology Industrial Park Plant 1207
Huaxin (Zhuhai) Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA53MW2P3N
Incorporation date: 2019-08-23
Address: Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, No. 9, Pingtung Road, 1/F, Area B
AUTRYB Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Branch
USCC: 91440400MA529CA707
Incorporation date: 2018-09-14
Address: Zhuhai Doumen District Jingan Town Xinwei Street 38 B15 Plant 1st Floor A
Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Skynet Information Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350105MA31EGW15H
Incorporation date: 2018-01-05
Address: Room 2 #楼自贸区两岸众创6 -01K, No. 27 Huli Road, Mawei District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (Pilot Free Trade Zone)
Fuzhou Changle District Xintai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350182MA326TG16X
Incorporation date: 2018-10-26
Address: Changle Zhanggang Yangbian Village
Guangdong Institute of Quality Science
USCC: 91440101MA9UXFWB5R
Incorporation date: 2020-10-27
Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, No. 26 Nonglin Road 501 Self 502
Guangdong ChuangHui Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9W05QP6C
Incorporation date: 2020-11-12
Address: Room 601, 6th floor, 326 Dehg Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (cluster registration)
Sogu (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9URCHH86
Incorporation date: 2020-08-20
Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Dongfeng East Road 575, 577, 579, first floor self-made K20
Guangdong Mitsubishi Electric Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9UPTYU80
Incorporation date: 2020-07-28
Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, No. 10, Yuexiu Shing Street 102 (Office only)
Guangdong HuaRong Education Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9UXTJY9G
Incorporation date: 2020-10-30
Address: Room 220-02, 2nd floor, 18 East Pu Pi East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Guangdong Institute of Advanced Robotics Technology
USCC: 91440101MA9W1FL10C
Incorporation date: 2020-12-04
Address: Guangzhou Yuexiu District Beijing Road 374 bis Room 1101, Room 1102 self-def 819
Guangdong Xuan Teng Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9W1E3M5Q
Incorporation date: 2020-12-03
Address: Guangzhou Panyu District Dalong Street Sha Chung Village Liukeng Street 7
Guangdong Ying Hua New Material Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440703MA511MX963
Incorporation date: 2017-11-21
Address: Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Du Ruan Town, Du Ruan North Road, No. 12 Plant C
Guangdong Ladder Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440101347370334N
Incorporation date: 2015-06-19
Address: Building 3, C5A02, C5A03, C5A05, C5A06, No. 310, Yuangang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Office only)
Guangdong Salai Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440115088647254U
Incorporation date: 2014-03-10
Address: No.1, Sha Wan Village Section, Huanshi Avenue North Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou
Guangdong Weiaise New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440605MA4W6QBG8X
Incorporation date: 2017-01-25
Address: Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guicheng Street, Sanzhou Stock Economic and Social Industrial Development Zone, 1st Floor, No. 13
Shanghai Approval Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120066040080Q
Incorporation date: 2013-04-22
Address: Room 901, Building 1, No.115 Xinjun Ring Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Shanghai DeGrape Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 913101200729593337
Incorporation date: 2013-07-11
Address: Shanghai Fengxian District Zerin Town Xingyuan Village Xinglong 553 11th Workshop
Shanghai Fengjing Power Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101200841255048
Incorporation date: 2013-12-03
Address: Room 301-2, Building 36, Chuanto Road 300, Pudong
Shanghai Cool Tide Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120301767125J
Incorporation date: 2014-06-20
Address: Room 324, No. 12, 2165 Wangyuan Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Shanghai Tao Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310120301646251M
Incorporation date: 2014-04-23
Address: Room 508, Building 5, No. 59, Shen South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Top New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120398779527K
Incorporation date: 2014-07-09
Address: Room 1807, South Building, 1839, Qixin Road, Shanghai
Shanghai Haoqin International Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120312591719Y
Incorporation date: 2014-10-15
Address: Shanghai Songjiang District Sijing Town Chengsong Road 58 get 1
Shanghai Shengmin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310118320749977C
Incorporation date: 2014-10-23
Address: Room 701, Block D, New Century Plaza, 48 Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Yonte Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA51Y2RMXC
Incorporation date: 2018-07-03
Address: Zhuhai Jidah Jiuzhou Avenue East 1164, 2nd Floor 208
Fuzhou Osen Agriculture Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA345PW99X
Incorporation date: 2016-01-25
Address: No.8 Aojiang Road, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (north side of Jiangbin Middle Avenue and East of Shuguang Road) Fuzhou Financial Street Wanda Plaza Phase II A2 #写字楼13层19室03号
Fujian Spacer Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350105MA2XN36B2P
Incorporation date: 2015-10-14
Address: Room 7 #楼1层07店面3 -W, Imperial Garden, 47 Junzhu Road, Luoxing Street, Mawei District, Fuzhou
Shenzhen Kang Yi Xing Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300064998738X
Incorporation date: 2013-03-19
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen Guanlan Street Renmin Road Koi Village 57 Building 303.
Guangdong Tianjiao Fashion Network Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59GT4W80
Incorporation date: 2016-12-08
Address: Zengcheng District, Guangzhou Xintang Town, Cowboy Road No. 7, Room 803
Guangdong unlan Robotics Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59F03T22
Incorporation date: 2016-09-22
Address: No.2, Tau Gang 2nd Road, New Tangtian Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Unit: Building 1-1, 213 rooms) (Office only)
Guangdong Guanmaoyuan Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440106MA59CRLH6B
Incorporation date: 2016-05-09
Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou Tianying Square West Tower
Guangdong Zhangyi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440111MA59BJQE6U
Incorporation date: 2016-01-20
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District, Crane Long One Road, No.32, factory, the first self-made 2C03 (office use only)
Guangdong Most Chao Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59CTUK3T
Incorporation date: 2016-05-10
Address: Room 1508, No. 8 Longgang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Guangdong Hi's Life Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59G1R14A
Incorporation date: 2016-11-16
Address: Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Taihe Town, Tai Lu Taihou, 3rd Street, 6, Room 706
Guangdong Liangsheng Decoration Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59ERFH9F
Incorporation date: 2016-09-12
Address: Room 209, Building C, No.36 Huanxi West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Guangdong Yuanjung Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59BP9G0T
Incorporation date: 2016-02-01
Address: Room 464, No. 161 Tianfu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Guangdong Hongniu Beef Automation Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440113MA59E3GE53
Incorporation date: 2016-07-31
Address: No.387 East (Extension), Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 2904 (Office Use Only)
Guangdong Xun and Information Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440106MA59E7TH3H
Incorporation date: 2016-08-08
Address: No.153 Tianhe East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guode Building (Part: 710)
Guangdong Runan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59BYXN5L
Incorporation date: 2016-03-08
Address: No.389 to 395 Ruikang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 682-688 (double), Yijing Road 679-685 (single), Guangzhou Changjiang (China) Textile City, Guangzhou (China) self-compiled 1-4 floors SC182, 183, 184
Guangdong Hui Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59C4B6X4
Incorporation date: 2016-03-17
Address: Room 715, No. 140, Zhongshan Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Office only)
Guangdong Public Private Help Internet Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59H5R7XJ
Incorporation date: 2016-12-21
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District Huaxui Road 406 bis (A4-2) 1617 self-made room 02
Guangdong Gulang Listening Tao Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440106MA59D20194
Incorporation date: 2016-05-23
Address: No.1202 Tianyuan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, J Building 03 (Part: 147)
Guangdong Fantasy Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440101MA59EBKJ3F
Incorporation date: 2016-08-18
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Junhe Street Gashi Road 29.31.33 7th floor 736
Guangdong Jie Ying Sheng Tong Network Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59F9FU15
Incorporation date: 2016-10-13
Address: Room 1601, No. 68 Huicheng Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Office Only)
Guangdong Hanzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59GL4W6E
Incorporation date: 2016-12-01
Address: No.106 Fengze East Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou X1301-I1712 (Office Use Only) (JM)
Shenzhen Yanrong Nanotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5FY8GL0Q
Incorporation date: 2019-11-25
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Shajing Street Sha2 Community Sha 2 West Huan New Village Twelve Lane 1 201
Shenzhen Minjie Micro Nano Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G037G44
Incorporation date: 2019-12-10
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District, Fuyong Street, Fu Wai Community, No. 19, Sha South 5 Lane 201
Shenzhen Flying Fish Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300MA5FXPQX3D
Incorporation date: 2019-11-15
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Xixiang Street Gushu Community Gushu 1st Road 368 North Three 101
Shenzhen Guangtianlong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300319601254X
Incorporation date: 2014-11-12
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road, Huaqiang North Road, Xinhuaqiang Electronic World Second Store LED Trading Center, 3rd Floor Q3B509
Fuzhou Huiyuan Water Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350100MA31MLGJ83
Incorporation date: 2018-04-23
Address: Fuzhou Minhou County Nanyu Town Gaoqi Village Zhiheng Technology Park West second floor
Fuzhou Taijiang Haoyou Province Network Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA328J5K57
Incorporation date: 2018-11-13
Address: Fuzhou Taijiang District Houzhou Street Junlin Tianhua D District 15A three floor north
Fuzhou Super Interesting Learning Network Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350104MA31KLADX7
Incorporation date: 2018-03-30
Address: B0806-1, Science and Technology Complex, No. 216 on the Lake Street, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Fuzhou Chenming Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350105MA31LT8C65
Incorporation date: 2018-04-11
Address: Fuzhou Free Trade Zone Complex, 15th Floor, Area A -2894 (within the Pilot Free Trade Zone)
Fuzhou Xiaopiao Network Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350104MA31GDTX0Y
Incorporation date: 2018-02-05
Address: Unit 4008, No. 130 Jinda Road, Jianxin Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Bozhiya Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350182MA31N3WX0F
Incorporation date: 2018-04-26
Address: Room 501, Building 2, Kaixuan Mansion, Donghe Road, Heshang Town, Changle District, Fuzhou
Fuzhou Liyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100MA31QXXQ8B
Incorporation date: 2018-05-30
Address: C1-2 Office, West Side, Witheng Science Park, No. 66, Gaoqi Village, Nanyu Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Duole Network Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350104MA31HB6C2B
Incorporation date: 2018-03-05
Address: Room 416, 4th Floor, Building 1, No. 163 Jinyan Road, Jianxin Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Yutong Network Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350104MA31GA3827
Incorporation date: 2018-02-01
Address: Room 10, 25th Floor, Building C1, West of Jinrong South Road and North of Pushang Avenue, Fuzhou Cangshan Road, No. 216, Pushang Avenue, No. 216, Fuzhou, Cangshan District, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Weihao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350103MA31P5B46G
Incorporation date: 2018-05-10
Address: 16 #楼21层10室, No.169 Wuyi Middle Road, Xingang Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Shenzhen Minghe Electronics Co., Ltd
USCC: 914403003497805805
Incorporation date: 2015-08-04
Address: 18F, NEO Building, Chegong Temple, Futian District, Shenzhen
Yiwu Jinmai Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330782MA29R7QL2Y
Incorporation date: 2018-01-05
Address: No.667 Airport Road, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (Yiwu Venus Socks Co., Ltd.) (self-declared)
Zhuhai United East letter Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 440400000455297
Incorporation date: 2013-11-14
Address: Room 1501, Building 116, Huafa New Town, No. 1, Zhuhai Avenue, Zhuhai
Fuzhou Giusen Network Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350105MA2Y4X7C6X
Incorporation date: 2017-04-07
Address: Fuzhou Cangshan District Jinshan District Jinshan Street No. 216 Pushang Avenue, Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda Plaza Area C (former West side of Jinrong South Road and North side of Pushang Avenue intersection) C3, 27th floor 17 office
Fuzhou Xingzhi Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA2Y2K7CXG
Incorporation date: 2017-03-13
Address: Room E156, 3rd Floor, No. 7 Hongqingli, Gongye Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Fuzhou Kangquan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350103MA2YHDBL1H
Incorporation date: 2017-08-23
Address: No.55 Xiangyuan Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Lean Information Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350103MA2Y6LM1XT
Incorporation date: 2017-04-25
Address: No.8 Aojiang Road, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (north side of Jiangbin Middle Avenue and East of Shuguang Road) Fuzhou Financial Street Wanda Plaza Phase II A2 #写字楼7层26室
Fuzhou crooked melon network technology co., LTD
USCC: 91350104MA2Y0HT10P
Incorporation date: 2017-02-20
Address: 2F, Building 44, Juyuanzhou Industrial Park, No. 618 Jinshan Avenue, Jianxin Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Chunkai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350103MA2Y5M13XT
Incorporation date: 2017-04-14
Address: 2F 211, Block 9, Binde Garden, Sanbaozhi Street, No.53 Tongde Road, Cangxia Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Fuzhou NAVOFER Information Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350104MA2YCGW55C
Incorporation date: 2017-06-29
Address: C1 #楼16层27办公, C1, Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda Plaza, No.216, Jinshan Street, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Love square (Fujian) Industrial Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100MA34QHN35M
Incorporation date: 2020-09-24
Address: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Cangshan District, Chengmen Town, Fuxia Road 188 -6 Floor
Zhongke Jicheng (Fujian) Industrial Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA343KPKXD
Incorporation date: 2020-06-22
Address: Room 101, 1st Floor, No. 38, TaiBaojie, Xingang Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fujian Hao Ye Kai Ching Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350124MA351MYT64
Incorporation date: 2020-11-11
Address: No.702, Meicheng Town, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Fuqing Chenfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350181MA34M9U79U
Incorporation date: 2020-09-08
Address: 1733, Chuangyuan Office Building, 101 Qingchang Avenue, Yin West Street, Fuqing City, Fujian Province
Fujian Jiayu Heng Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350102MA352L9E78
Incorporation date: 2020-11-16
Address: D001, Tower 2, Gaojing Huating, No.273 Wusi Road, Huada Street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Zhuhai Guangyuan Beauty Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400584745929U
Incorporation date: 2011-11-11
Address: No.1098 Huxin Road, Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Home and City Project Department
Zhuhai Xiangshun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400574507572W
Incorporation date: 2011-05-13
Address: Zhuhai Jinwan District Hongqi Town Zhuhai Avenue north side, Shuanghu North Road West 'Huaxin Rong Industrial Park, 3rd Floor, Room 307
Zhuhai Shuifang Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400568287470X
Incorporation date: 2011-01-06
Address: Room 326, No. 8, Honghui Road, Hongqi Town, Zhuhai
Zhuhai PURUI Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400576488803Q
Incorporation date: 2011-06-20
Address: 316B, 3rd Floor, No.1038, Fenghuang Road, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Jute Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 914404045846705921
Incorporation date: 2011-10-19
Address: Zhuhai Jinwan District Hongqi Town Mining Industrial Zone Zhouxi Lian Phase 1 plant west
Zhuhai Jinshang Information Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400577875303F
Incorporation date: 2011-06-28
Address: Zhuhai High-tech Zone Tangjiawan Town Software Park Road No. 1 Production and Processing Center 2 #一层B14单元
Zhuhai Aozhuo Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 914404035846681931
Incorporation date: 2011-10-19
Address: Zhuhai Doumen District Jingan Town Xinqing 2nd Road No. 5 10 plant East 3rd floor (Zhuhai Jiantai PCB Industrial Park No. 10 plant East 3rd floor)
Shanghai Lancke Petrochemical Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310000582138631D
Incorporation date: 2011-09-19
Address: 5th Floor, Building A, No. 568, Jinsha Jiangxi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Shanghai North Bulletproof Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115053013542R
Incorporation date: 2012-08-30
Address: Room 1512, 15th Floor, 1228 South Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China
Guangdong Yhe Doors and Windows Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 9144060567883536XB
Incorporation date: 2008-08-13
Address: Foshan Nanhai District Shishan Town Changhongling Industrial Park Phase II Minhong Road 2
Fuzhou Feihong Yue Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350104MA32MFE39K
Incorporation date: 2019-04-04
Address: Fuzhou Feihong Yue Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd
Fujian paper elements Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350104MA2YGGR12W
Incorporation date: 2017-08-14
Address: Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Chengmen Baiyun Village East Tower Road on the 1st floor
Guangdong Yisuotong Education Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5APKFH0G
Incorporation date: 2018-01-24
Address: No. 109 Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, 9 Dabao Plaza 1303
Guangdong Yi Weiwei Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5AR10EXF
Incorporation date: 2018-03-19
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District renhe Town Heilong Five Road 405
Guangdong Ant Nest Alliance Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5BUNKD6W
Incorporation date: 2018-07-30
Address: 43-47th floor, 68th Huicheng Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, full floor, 44K04 (for office use only)
Guangdong plating Bai Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CKPP62U
Incorporation date: 2018-12-25
Address: Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, 121 Science Avenue, Room 520 (Office only)
Guangdong Dizhou Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CJ9JC4Y
Incorporation date: 2018-10-29
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District, Yanling Road 123, 8th floor, self-made 806 room (office only)
Guangdong Bull Network Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5APNEF61
Incorporation date: 2018-01-26
Address: 2 Huansheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Pauley Stai Plaza, self-made 9-2 #号楼2栋1113房(自主申报)
Zhuhai Longkang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 440400000318139
Incorporation date: 2011-12-13
Address: Room 505, No. 30, Kangning Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Zhengchuang Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400574479145E
Incorporation date: 2011-04-29
Address: Room 301, Building 9, 1422 Yingbin North Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
CITIC Hai Direct Aviation Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA52GLLJ1L
Incorporation date: 2018-11-09
Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Nantou Street Tongle Community Nanhai Avenue 3095 Office Building, Building 101
Guangdong Ji Chi Tong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5D0F0Q1E
Incorporation date: 2019-10-17
Address: Guangzhou Huangpu District Maogang Huancun Street, No.39, Building 2, 4th Floor, self-contained A424 (Office only)
Guangdong Sheng Li Education Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CXEED06
Incorporation date: 2019-08-22
Address: Guangzhou Huangpu District Science City Jiquan Road, No. 3, Guangzhou International Enterprise Incubator Area A701, Jian An Gongchuang Chuang Space Office Card Position 69
Jiatai (Guangdong) Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440101MA5D1Y7X0C
Incorporation date: 2019-11-21
Address: One of the 885 North Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (self-declared)
Guangdong Zhenhua Superconducting Materials Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CLN2C5L
Incorporation date: 2019-02-14
Address: Guangzhou Nansha District Huangge Town, No.1 Jinmao West 3rd Street 109 Room A02 (Office only)
Ruike Dental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115MA1K3YBH5J
Incorporation date: 2017-12-04
Address: Room 201, 203, 204, Building 3, No.1599 Xinjinqiao Road, China (Shanghai) Pilot Trade Zone