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Wholesale of mineral products, building materials and chemical products

This page contains a list of Chinese exporting companies working in the specified business category.

There are 41750 companies on 418 pages. Scroll down the list to find the company you are looking for and click to get more information on it.
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Shenzhen Haihao Petrochemical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300055134612P
Incorporation date: 2012-10-17
Address: Wenjin Square Wenjin North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen 2611
Shenyang Yiwu Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91210102MA0UW13P58
Incorporation date: 2018-01-11
Address: No.124 Tianjin South Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (5-2-3)
Shenzhen Shun Jinlai Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 9144030031187766X8
Incorporation date: 2014-08-19
Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen Pinghu Street Egongling Community Xiangnan Road on the 1st
Funing County into Yi materials management department
USCC: 91320923MA1NB5BJ91
Incorporation date: 2017-01-17
Address: Funing County Chen Liang Town East Chen Street No. 21
Shenzhen Lian Sheng Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300599089397G
Incorporation date: 2012-06-27
Address: E003, Wufang Home Plaza, 211 Taining Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Biyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
USCC: 9144030058917845XP
Incorporation date: 2012-01-17
Address: Pingshan New District, Shenzhen Pingshan Office Shijing Community East Road on the 5th
Shenzhen Qianna Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300589151927T
Incorporation date: 2012-01-13
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen Guanhu Street, Guancheng community and industrial zone on the 4th -2 Hongji plant 101 (3rd floor)
Shenzhen Juxin Hengying Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 9144030005046089X2
Incorporation date: 2012-07-09
Address: A2507, Kaisa, No.2102, Buji Section, Longgang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Zhuhai HongZhi Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA53A87W1C
Incorporation date: 2019-05-24
Address: Zhuhai Xiangzhou Ningxi Road 71 (Hongtai Xicheng Garden) 2 Room 1702
Zhuhai Xuwen Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA539XF97Q
Incorporation date: 2019-05-22
Address: 1301, Unit 1, Building 2, 168 Pingwan 1st Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Kaiyi New Material Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA53FBK67Q
Incorporation date: 2019-07-04
Address: 304 Building 2, 111 Jianmin Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Hongyang Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440402MA55AUGE3J
Incorporation date: 2020-09-18
Address: No. 308 Jinji Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai (expansion) H District 200
Shenzhen Yongkun Huayu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300305886471E
Incorporation date: 2014-06-11
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Hangcheng Street Huangtian Community Yau Ma Tong Second Lane No. 102
Shenzhen Gan An Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300687592427X
Incorporation date: 2009-04-30
Address: Room 401, Unit 1, Building 1, Nanling Tai Ya Garden, No.424 Shenhui Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Zhongxinwang Precision Abrasives Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300593044200K
Incorporation date: 2012-03-30
Address: East B2, Building 2, Building 2, Jute Cloth, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Libin Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 914403005788200488
Incorporation date: 2011-07-21
Address: 14th Jinhu Road, Jinhu Road, Qingshuihe Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Hanyuan Furniture Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300094353738H
Incorporation date: 2014-04-02
Address: 303, Building A, Trilian Jewelry City, Sanlian Community, Jihua Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Treasure Building Materials (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA54UH4Y3T
Incorporation date: 2020-06-17
Address: Shop B33, 2nd Floor, No.72 Changsheng Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Chuangcheng Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA54XFY90G
Incorporation date: 2020-07-01
Address: Zhuhai Pingsha Town Sha Mei Industrial Zone Zhuhai City Yue Xinglong labor protection supplies factory 2 floor 15 card
Zhuhai Wanxin Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440402MA554TW13K
Incorporation date: 2020-08-12
Address: Room 2407, 99 Jinshi Street, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Jiaou Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440403MA555ARC5N
Incorporation date: 2020-08-14
Address: No.239, District C, Commercial Center, Hongqiao 4th Road, Baijiao Technology Park, Baijiao Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai
Shenyang Xin Haiyi Hardware Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91210106573456363P
Incorporation date: 2011-05-05
Address: No.43 Jianhe East Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang (1717)
Shenzhen Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300581552304D
Incorporation date: 2011-09-01
Address: Building A5, Third Industrial Zone, Tangjia Community, Gongming Office, Guangming New District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Yuanhai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403005867036939
Incorporation date: 2011-11-22
Address: Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Xintang Village East District, No. 14, 805
Zhuhai Yinghai Rui Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA522LHUX1
Incorporation date: 2018-07-30
Address: Room 201, Building 3, No. 486 Tailai Road, Doumen District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Ersan Lu Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA52MJ296N
Incorporation date: 2018-12-13
Address: Room 402, Unit 2, Building 2, No. 103 Daishan Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Dejing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA52N8E12M
Incorporation date: 2018-12-19
Address: 1 #厂房一层A155, 1 Jinxing Road, Gangwan Avenue, High-tech Zone, Zhuhai
Guangdong Zhengyu Mining Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA4WL3DB99
Incorporation date: 2017-05-23
Address: No.47, Lane 45, Ma Shan Village, Qianwu Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Changtai Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA522GLN4J
Incorporation date: 2018-07-27
Address: 3A6, Building 32, No. 1025, Jiuzhou Avenue, Jida, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Yu Shiyu E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA4UQAPJ5U
Incorporation date: 2016-06-03
Address: Room 105, No. 6, Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City
Zhuhai Huaxun One Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA524HNR3L
Incorporation date: 2018-08-10
Address: Room 501, Building 8, Xinzhou Garden, 181 Xianghua Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Zhibao Chemical Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400586351667M
Incorporation date: 2011-11-29
Address: Qianshan Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, Huawei Road 619, Building 2 (Plant) 4th Floor A01
Zhuhai Longguan Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA4UM7Q9XM
Incorporation date: 2016-03-01
Address: Room 403, Unit 2, No. 104, Pingtang Street, Pingsha Town, Zhuhai
Guangdong Kefeng Chemical Co., Ltd
USCC: 914404003040230923
Incorporation date: 2014-05-14
Address: Unit 101, No. 128, Village, Hengqin Town, Zhuhai
Fangchenggang Port District Yongxin Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 450602200006872
Incorporation date: 2011-09-27
Address: Port area qisha town decheng Avenue (customs diagonally opposite)
Suzhou Yiqi New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320508MA1MREEN1W
Incorporation date: 2016-08-15
Address: Room 501, No. 25, Tongjing North Road, Suzhou
Wuxi Rongtong New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320214MA1MU2RBXM
Incorporation date: 2016-09-09
Address: 178-914 Wangzhuang Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi
Zhenjiang Runxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91321111MA1MECR0XR
Incorporation date: 2016-01-13
Address: Zhenjiang Runzhou District International Industrial Products City H01, 2nd Floor, Room 201
Jiangyin Xinjian Metal Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320281MA1MJB6P58
Incorporation date: 2016-04-20
Address: Jiangyin City Huangtu Town Cheng Road 3808-4 1256 seats
Liaoyang Xinxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91211000MA0P593P50
Incorporation date: 2016-10-09
Address: 1F, No. 27 Xinyun Street, Baita District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province
Wuxi Haizhixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320205MA1MR5EE3Y
Incorporation date: 2016-08-10
Address: Wuxi Huishan District Qianqiao Sheng'an Road 668 Wuzhou International Decoration City A5 Building 138, 139, 140
Suzhou Lichangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320581MA1MQB9J3U
Incorporation date: 2016-07-23
Address: Changshu building decoration materials market area 15 1513 (west)
Suzhou Qilian Sixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320508MA1N1CBP2A
Incorporation date: 2016-12-01
Address: No. 56, Wang Tianjing Lane, Suzhou
Wuxi Xinmeixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320211MA1MKMBQ0R
Incorporation date: 2016-05-11
Address: No. 8, No. 202, Economic Road, Binhu District, Wuxi
Dalian Xin Meixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210204MA0QEQU68C
Incorporation date: 2016-06-28
Address: Room 308, No. 730, Xinan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province
Zhenjiang New District DaYuxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91321191MA1MW93X79
Incorporation date: 2016-09-30
Address: Zhenjiang New District Ding Maoqiao Road 371 Yidu Building Materials Market 2nd Floor 2012
Nanjing Weide New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 320114000140646
Incorporation date: 2015-08-17
Address: Nanjing Yuhuatai District Jiangsu Red Sun Industrial Raw Materials City Co., Ltd. A5 Floor 1, 2/F 503-505
Meizhou Xinjian Industrial Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914414023453359652
Incorporation date: 2015-06-08
Address: No.07, Building A2, Dongyi Garden, Dongshan Avenue, Meijiang District, Meizhou
Shenyang Haoda Xin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 210114000122460
Incorporation date: 2015-07-13
Address: No.97-6 North Changjiang Street, Yuhong District, Shenyang
Dongguan Huixin Construction Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA5128Q56P
Incorporation date: 2017-11-24
Address: Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Huangyong Village Wu Shi Village West eight Lane 1, the second shop
Suzhou Xing Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320509MA1PXW3E21
Incorporation date: 2017-07-20
Address: Zhenze Town Long Qiao Village
Shenyang Ruiko Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210103MA0TTK671T
Incorporation date: 2017-02-08
Address: Room 254, No. 3, Qiande Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning
Suzhou Jiagexin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320506MA1NB2QE5C
Incorporation date: 2017-01-17
Address: Room 4054, No. 1998, Jinfeng South Road, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District
Dongtai Ruizhixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320981MA1UR01Q2X
Incorporation date: 2017-12-19
Address: Room 102, Building 2, Suzhong Decoration Plaza, No. 19, Beiguan North Road, Dongtai
Dongguan Maoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441900MA4WC5NA06
Incorporation date: 2017-03-27
Address: Dalang Town, Dongguan City, New Malian Village Liantangtou District Environmental Protection Industrial Park
Lianshui County Shuoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320826MA1Q5Y0C02
Incorporation date: 2017-08-30
Address: Lianshui County Nanji Town Industrial Concentration Zone
Suzhou Xin Jianhua Office Furniture Co., Ltd
USCC: 913205083137673762
Incorporation date: 2014-09-04
Address: Room 306-312, Building 5, No. 99, Yangyu Lane, Suzhou (C020 station) (cluster registration)
Zhanjiang Qixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440800323266137E
Incorporation date: 2014-11-24
Address: Room 15, 12th Floor, Rongji International Plaza Apartment, 183 Guanhai Road, Zhanjiang Development Zone
Shenyang Fengxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210124MA0YHA7N0X
Incorporation date: 2019-03-20
Address: Faku County, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Mengjia Town Donggang Village
Suzhou Xinxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320509MA1YJ4XQ7X
Incorporation date: 2019-06-12
Address: Room 912, Building 1, Jinbaisheng Home Textile Plaza, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou
Nanjing Jiucheng Dingxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320104MA202ERD87
Incorporation date: 2019-09-10
Address: Nanjing Qinhuai District Chenguang Road 98 Hummingbird Science Park 4F05
Shenyang Qixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91210106MA0YET6A3F
Incorporation date: 2019-01-31
Address: 4-3-1, No. 16-3, Tengfei Second Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Shenyang Miao Shixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210105MA0UQ4F61G
Incorporation date: 2017-11-30
Address: No. 71, Jialingjiang Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang, Liaoning
Yangzhou Yunshangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
Incorporation date: 2016-07-27
Address: Yangzhou Hanjiang District Fengchuang International Building 1-806
Liaoyang Xinjian Environmental Protection Wall Material Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91211004072152185B
Incorporation date: 2013-06-27
Address: Wang Baotai Village, Shuguang Town, Hongwei District, Liaoyang, Liaoning
Dongtai City four new building materials management department
USCC: 320981000297829
Incorporation date: 2013-05-21
Address: Dongtai Wu Lie Town four new village eight groups 16
Shenyang Baihui Lixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 210114000086405
Incorporation date: 2013-08-19
Address: Yuhong District, Shenyang City, China Town Zhashang Village
Yancheng Dafeng Xinxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320982MA1YF90B61
Incorporation date: 2019-05-24
Address: Yancheng Dafeng District Jinfeng Road West, South Ring Road North 6
Suzhou Weisi New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320505MA22LCTQ7A
Incorporation date: 2020-09-30
Address: Suzhou High-tech Zone Sufu Road 197 5-1
Suzhou Industrial Park Guangjian New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320594MA21PULDXY
Incorporation date: 2020-06-12
Address: Room 135, Building 129-149, Xinghu Mingxuan Garden, No. 818 Xinghu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park
Nanjing Suoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320115MA22PUF73C
Incorporation date: 2020-10-19
Address: Qilin Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, lock the community, lock the east village
Suzhou Youtianxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320508MA23ENE1XA
Incorporation date: 2020-11-30
Address: Room 806, Building 1, Jiangxing Commercial Plaza, No. 1188 Chengbei East Road, Gusu District, Suzhou
Yingde Guangxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441881MA4WELPU1H
Incorporation date: 2017-04-14
Address: Yingde City Yingcheng Shiao Village Zhenyang West Road (next to Shunde Furniture City)
Shenyang Baixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210124MA0YMBP31E
Incorporation date: 2019-04-30
Address: Baojiatun Village, Faku County, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Shenyang Haoyue and New Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91210103MA0XYQX38R
Incorporation date: 2018-08-01
Address: No.115 North Station Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (1901)
Sihuai Wei Zinc Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441284MA52D78D54
Incorporation date: 2018-10-18
Address: No. 3055, 3rd floor, Sihe Plaza, No. 19, South Dongcheng Section, Sihe Avenue, Dongcheng Street, Sihe City (declaration system)
Kunshan Jinhuixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320583MA1WRN2W2H
Incorporation date: 2018-06-27
Address: No. 28, District B, Shipu HSBC Building Materials Market, Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou
Kunshan Jiuxin Jianzhi materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320583MA1XN4HT0P
Incorporation date: 2018-12-21
Address: No. 408, Building 4, Logistics Zone, No. 1258 Xiaolin East Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan
Dongguan Chengxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA51CEEMXF
Incorporation date: 2018-02-28
Address: Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Lianhu Huanshi East Road No. 1, 4th Floor, Donggang City Garden County 403 (cluster registration)
Zhejiang Quxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330802337052156G
Incorporation date: 2015-04-21
Address: No.103 Quhua Road, Lotus Street, Kecheng District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Changzhou Ma Xin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 320407000311913
Incorporation date: 2015-07-24
Address: Room 506, No. 9 Songshan Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou
Jurong Tai Xin Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd
USCC: 913211833462533047
Incorporation date: 2015-07-16
Address: Jurong City Fukudi Garden 27 301 City
Huiyuan East Yixin Building Materials (Liaoning) Group Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210103397755136X
Incorporation date: 2014-07-01
Address: Shenyang Shenhe District Tuanjie Road 112-14
Suqian Peng Xin Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd.
USCC: 321300000038318
Incorporation date: 2010-01-22
Address: Suqian Yanlord Apartment C Unit 4 RC-412B
Shaoguan Zhenjiang District Zhongxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440204566661182N
Incorporation date: 2010-12-23
Address: Shaoguan Zhenjiang District Li Town Huangsha Village Dalingcun Quren Chashan Mine Wellhead
Weinan High-tech Zone Zhongxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 610501107003235
Incorporation date: 2010-12-08
Address: Weinan High-tech Zone Jinsui West Court four units
Changsha Meixin Building Materials Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 430111000083751
Incorporation date: 2010-02-01
Address: Room 307, Building 003, Wanggongtang, Yuhua District, Changsha City
Yancheng Hui Qixin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320902MA2203T561
Incorporation date: 2020-07-15
Address: Room 2163, Building 10, Jinza Plaza, 99 Fangong Zhong Road, Yancheng City (5)
Shenyang Xinjian Door Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91210106MA0YPTB38R
Incorporation date: 2019-06-10
Address: 836-01, No. 52, Beiyi West Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning
Xuzhou Yu Xin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320382MA2041PH3B
Incorporation date: 2019-09-19
Address: Xuzhou City, Pizhou City Canal Street Yunping Road Sun City Commercial Plaza B Building 126
Yancheng Ruibao Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320922MA1YPKNH6D
Incorporation date: 2019-07-12
Address: Yancheng Binhai County Caiqiao Town Private Venture Park Xingye Road 31-3
Guilin Jingxin Construction Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91450300581979826J
Incorporation date: 2011-09-14
Address: Qixing District, Guilin City, No. 8, No. 8, Building 42, 2nd Floor 1-8
Foshan Fulixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440604588311466Q
Incorporation date: 2011-12-29
Address: Shiwan Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Sha Gang Road 151, second floor (residence declaration)
Xuzhou Hongshuxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320321MA21YYYC43
Incorporation date: 2020-07-15
Address: No. 34, Ningxing Road, Dashhe Town, Feng County, Xuzhou
Suzhou Sheng Yixin Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320506MA23EC766B
Incorporation date: 2020-11-30
Address: Room 1401, Building 2, Xinyue Life Plaza, Changqiao Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
xiangshui Qixin Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320921MA1XBFJ510
Incorporation date: 2018-10-18
Address: Xiangshui County, Yancheng City Huaihe Road South, Development Road West of Zhejiang Trade City A10 #商业103
Guizhou Sheng Maoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91520181MA6GY9TY5R
Incorporation date: 2018-04-27
Address: Qingzhen City, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province Qinglong Street Office Miaoershan Community
Wuxi Yu Haoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91320213MA1WY7Q83B
Incorporation date: 2018-07-26
Address: Wuxi Liangxi District Zhongshan Road 655-3
Ningbo Xinda Mining Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330225MA2816DJ82
Incorporation date: 2015-11-16
Address: No.303 Nanhe Road, Dandong Street, Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Jiangsu Kangda Maoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320213MA22A8842Q
Incorporation date: 2020-08-26
Address: Wuxi Liangxi District Patrol Bridge North 4 Building 205