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Other food wholesale

This page contains a list of Chinese exporting companies working in the specified business category.

There are 8966 companies on 90 pages. Scroll down the list to find the company you are looking for and click to get more information on it.
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Total companies: 8966Total pages: 90
Shenzhen Liangsheng Fa Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300555407939F
Incorporation date: 2010-05-25
Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen Hubei Road Huxi Building 8G
Shenzhen Hao Sheng Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300564200980W
Incorporation date: 2010-12-01
Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Taoyuan Street Longjing 2nd Industrial Zone, Building D 201
Changfast Life Food (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300559894164Q
Incorporation date: 2010-12-30
Address: Shenzhen Luohu District Wenjin South Road Senwei Building, 19th Floor, Yongjing Garden 1920
Fuzhou Changle District Chu Cheng Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350182MA325TKC6J
Incorporation date: 2018-10-17
Address: Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Hangcheng Street, Liyang Village, 2-1 Floor
Yongtai County duoshun Yi food trade co., LTD
USCC: 91350125MA31MXLM72
Incorporation date: 2018-04-25
Address: Fujian Province, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Chengfeng Town Tang Yang Village Tangkou Mei 61 Yonglong Court 1-2 Connectors 2nd Floor N-1001 (Business Hosting)
Shanghai Ba Coffee Industry Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310116MA1JBGQJ0J
Incorporation date: 2019-01-15
Address: 16-801, 855 Zhulu West Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Shanghai AiShen Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310000MA1GN96X1W
Incorporation date: 2019-01-31
Address: No. 348 Jianguo West Road, Xuhui District
Shenzhen Telford Food Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403005685000406
Incorporation date: 2011-03-10
Address: Room 538, 5th Floor, Huajia Plaza, Hubei Road, Dongmen Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Berry Fan Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403005719648312
Incorporation date: 2011-03-28
Address: Room 106, Building B, Shahe Xintang Garden, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shanghai Gengfan Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120MA1HXD78XD
Incorporation date: 2020-06-29
Address: Room 1904, 1909, No. 1288 Wangyuan South Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Shanghai Star Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310116MA1JDXDN8E
Incorporation date: 2020-10-20
Address: No. 80, Xiujiang Road, Zhu Jing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai (South Wing Economic Zone)
Shanghai Sweet Hui Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310120MA1HX44R16
Incorporation date: 2020-06-05
Address: No.268 Qinggong Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Heilongjiang Longde Yipin Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91230111301068447H
Incorporation date: 2015-09-11
Address: Room 227, Unit 2, Life Medicine Venture Building, South Limin Biomedical R&D Center, Shenyang Street East, Zhuhai Road, Limin Development Zone, Harbin
Dongyuan Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310000074824248C
Incorporation date: 2013-09-27
Address: Block A, 319 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai 2406
Shanghai AO New Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115069346077U
Incorporation date: 2013-05-21
Address: Fengxian District, Shanghai Fengxian District, 200 Fengjin Road 1, 1 Floor A
Pike Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310000062511332T
Incorporation date: 2013-01-22
Address: China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Taigu Road 205, 207, 4th Floor N1
Shanghai Jiandien Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101150625959273
Incorporation date: 2013-03-07
Address: Shanghai Pudong New District Jinhu Road 99, No. 3 1809
Powder Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101060712366861
Incorporation date: 2013-06-25
Address: 108 Cao Lian Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Shanghai Biai Duo Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101140781106649
Incorporation date: 2013-07-30
Address: Room 312, Building H, 55 Huiyuan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Shanghai Miao Aung International Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101070609116311
Incorporation date: 2013-01-17
Address: Room 1419, No. 1438 North Shaanxi Road, Putuo District
Shanghai Goton Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310106060855676F
Incorporation date: 2013-01-08
Address: Room 115, 1st floor, building 6, Hutai Road, Shanghai
Shanghai Karabao Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 310000400713317
Incorporation date: 2013-06-19
Address: Room 1701, No. 2318 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District
Shanghai Hongying Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115072915525L
Incorporation date: 2013-07-03
Address: Room 1201, No. 3, Zhenxing Road 1000, Minhang District, Shanghai
Shanghai Longyan Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115063783284D
Incorporation date: 2013-03-28
Address: No.1, 928, WU Middle Road 5F
Newtuo Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310115074825603K
Incorporation date: 2013-08-07
Address: Shanghai Minhang District Baocheng Road 158 get 86 101
Shanghai Hip Hip Import and Export Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310115063701365P
Incorporation date: 2013-03-08
Address: Room 258, No. 775 South Six Road, Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New District
Shanghai Xingshu Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 310117003013481
Incorporation date: 2013-04-22
Address: Songjiang District Sijing Town Henggang Road 18 get 20
Shenzhen Chengyu Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300311861385U
Incorporation date: 2014-08-07
Address: Room 1501, Block D, Jingji Yujing Impression Phase III, No.2 Zhenhuan Road, Pinghuan Community, Ma Luan Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Laurenz (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115310509697U
Incorporation date: 2014-08-20
Address: Room 602-03, No. 211, Shimen One Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Mu Commercial Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115324325880Q
Incorporation date: 2014-12-31
Address: Room 473, No. 1, No. 1365 Kangqiao East Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Shanghai Bi Hsien Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310118320829141C
Incorporation date: 2014-11-07
Address: Shanghai Qingpu District Baihe Town Yingdong Street No.1 -16 Room 10
Zhuhai Ji Pin Huang Food Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA52985K4N
Incorporation date: 2018-09-14
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -56984 (centralized office area)
Fuzhou Hehetang Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA2XN6L30H
Incorporation date: 2015-10-21
Address: Unit 1405, Shenglong Building, South Aofeng Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou
Fujian Zhongsheng Ocean Industry Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100M00001484N
Incorporation date: 2015-05-28
Address: 1122, Building 5, Taihe Plaza, East Second Ring, Jin'an District, Fuzhou
Fujian Ri-China Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100M0001D431X
Incorporation date: 2015-09-01
Address: Room 205, 2nd Floor, Office Building, 8-1-2 Plot, Fuzhou Free Trade Zone, Fujian Province (Pilot Free Trade Zone)
Zhuhai Feima Home Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA54XBNG73
Incorporation date: 2020-06-30
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -70221 (centralized office area)
Guangdong Yuanpeng Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440605MA55E1093B
Incorporation date: 2020-10-15
Address: Nanhai District, Foshan City, Dali Town, Yanbu East Xiuguantian Village West Side Industrial Zone, Building 2 A, Shop A5-21 (Residence Declaration)
Shenzhen Jiayi Yongtong Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 914403005719993803
Incorporation date: 2011-03-23
Address: Shenzhen Futian District Shatou Street Tianan Community Taian Four Road Tianan Innovation Technology Plaza Phase 1 Block B 1407-35
Shenzhen Keweikang Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403000877821478
Incorporation date: 2014-01-06
Address: 606, 6th Floor, 3002 Banyuegang Avenue, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Guangdong Ke Honey Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440116MA59DRJ42D
Incorporation date: 2016-07-12
Address: No.87 Kofeng Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou 1817 (Office Use Only)
Guangdong Nanyuan Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA59EC7N60
Incorporation date: 2016-08-16
Address: Room B, one of 28 Horse Field Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 3701
Shenzhen Rifu Investment Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403005700097364
Incorporation date: 2011-03-14
Address: 418, 4th Floor, Venture Building, No. 7, Chuangye 2nd Road, Baoan District,
Shenzhen Baokang Health Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 914403005891623000
Incorporation date: 2012-02-21
Address: Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen Baolong Community Jinlong Third Road Baochangli Industrial Factory 15 #厂房五楼
Fuzhou Haxiang Advertising Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA31FR3C6X
Incorporation date: 2018-01-24
Address: K2607, 26th Floor, Hengfeng Building, No.16 Shuguang Branch Road, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Xihe Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350102MA31KDGJ5L
Incorporation date: 2018-03-28
Address: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Gulou District, Sanfang Seven Alley Zhu Zifang Project House Xuelong No. 20 Courtyard
Fuzhou Le Pai Pet Products Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350102MA324MLN81
Incorporation date: 2018-09-29
Address: District A, Floor 1, Building 7, No.5 Meifeng Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Yiwu Datian Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330782MA29RAND6E
Incorporation date: 2018-01-11
Address: Unit 6, 996 Beicun Road, Choujiang Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Shenzhen Jiade Brothers Marketing Management Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300558690135G
Incorporation date: 2010-07-16
Address: Futian District, Futian District, Shenzhen, Futian Street, Fuhong Road, World Trade Square Dress Floor 257
Shenzhen Junxi Lin Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300685388297U
Incorporation date: 2009-02-19
Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen Liantang Street Luosha Road Xiling Village North District 13 6th Floor West
Shenzhen Runtong Cold Chain Import and Export Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5FRJLR3F
Incorporation date: 2019-08-28
Address: Futian District, Futian District, Shenzhen, Futian Street, Futian District, Futian District, China, No. 3039, Shennan Middle Road, International Cultural Building 1403-1405-1404
Fuzhou Fulin Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350121MA2Y0BK25Q
Incorporation date: 2017-02-16
Address: Fuzhou Minhou Street Post
Fuzhou Hesang Meng Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350102MA2YBPX185
Incorporation date: 2017-06-21
Address: Room 118-C, 17th Floor, Fuzhou Rongdu International Building, No.82 Wusi Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Fuzhou Xinghe Long Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350105MA2YMMPN96
Incorporation date: 2017-10-18
Address: Mawei District, Fuzhou Kailong Plaza
Fuzhou Hongjie Hui Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350111MA2YH6AL6B
Incorporation date: 2017-08-21
Address: Fuzhou Jin'an Jinjishan Road No. 59 Dingxin Architectural Design Creative Park Area 107-1
Fuzhou Seat Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350104MA2Y9BPH9D
Incorporation date: 2017-05-24
Address: 01, Floor 1, No. 157, Shoushan Village, Gaishan Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Shengshichang Food Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350104MA2YNJEY6M
Incorporation date: 2017-10-30
Address: Fuzhou Cangshan District Jianxin Town Huaxi South Road 48 Rongxin Bay Garden
Fuzhou Falling Leaf Qiu Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350105MA2Y46X0XF
Incorporation date: 2017-03-29
Address: Fuzhou Free Trade Zone Complex 15 Floor A Area -1133 (gulou) (within the Pilot Free Trade Zone)
Manbao Era Trading (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350102MA2YHBXL6A
Incorporation date: 2017-08-23
Address: 01, 3rd Floor, Zhongfu Plaza, No. 92, East Street Street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Fuzhou Hongtai Yihong Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350111MA34UNEF4T
Incorporation date: 2020-10-15
Address: 3 #楼三层347室, Rixi Township Cultural Activity Center, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Shenzhen Pengpeng Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5DRWA812
Incorporation date: 2017-01-05
Address: Shenzhen Longgang District Nanwan Street Zhangfu Road Hongrun Hao Garden Shop 027
Zhuhai Minghe Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 914404005764461953
Incorporation date: 2011-05-31
Address: 313, 3rd Floor, No. 1038 Fenghuang South Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
Hot Hot Hot International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310115329583213W
Incorporation date: 2015-03-10
Address: Room 447, 4th floor, 310 Jingao Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
SH (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310113324592882P
Incorporation date: 2015-07-09
Address: Room C 308, No. 4711 Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Shanghai Gong Ming Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 310000400772911
Incorporation date: 2015-06-24
Address: Shanghai Minhang District Qixin Road 1839, 1st floor 101
Shenzhen Yuantai Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300053968357N
Incorporation date: 2012-09-18
Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen, Luohu District, Liantang Street, 4099 Luosha Road, Lanting International 2 Building 36 B
Shenzhen Singular Stone Bridge Wine Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300052787191R
Incorporation date: 2012-08-21
Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District, Donghai Road East, Chuangye Road South Electric Garden Phase 1 Building 802
Shenzhen Anding Sheng Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300589170714D
Incorporation date: 2012-01-13
Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District China Merchants Street, South Prince Road, Shekou Industrial Zone Financial Center, 17 floors
Jian Anxi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 913100005727431338
Incorporation date: 2011-06-14
Address: Unit 05-10, 18th floor, Block 2, Hong Bridge Road, No. 3 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Shanghai FruitFeng Import & Export Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115588749732N
Incorporation date: 2012-01-21
Address: Room 113, Building 2, No.1688 Yongnan Road, Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai
Kerry One Wine (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115580606366N
Incorporation date: 2011-12-19
Address: Room 1704, Enterprise Center, No.128 West Tianmu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Shanghai Yi Jia International Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310105570811120U
Incorporation date: 2011-03-23
Address: Room 901, Building 3, No.999 Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Lishi Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310114054556864C
Incorporation date: 2012-09-17
Address: Room 2004, South Tower, 300 Xuanghuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Shanghai Daoby Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 913101150576799661
Incorporation date: 2012-11-30
Address: Shanghai Pudong New District Road 599 to get 107
Yingkai Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 913100000529658323
Incorporation date: 2012-10-16
Address: No.1232 Dingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 4th Building 4 (Building 2) 114
Shenzhen Pen Baking Appliances Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300088492571M
Incorporation date: 2014-03-11
Address: Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Ting Community, North Dabu Road, Jiayuan Industrial and Trade Building 1005
Chuanjiufang (Shenzhen) Health Industry Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300349713652D
Incorporation date: 2015-07-24
Address: Room K401, Four Seasons Huacheng Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Fuqing Huahua Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350181MA2Y1F5E44
Incorporation date: 2017-03-01
Address: Fuqing City, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, Yin West Street, Fuqing City, Second Building Real Estate Development Company
Shenzhen Eight Fresh Oversea Industry Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300MA5F753E5G
Incorporation date: 2018-07-02
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen, Minzhi Street Longtang Community Star River Legend Garden Phase 3, Block C, Building 1, Block C 1302B
Yiwu Puha Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330110MA27W3J35H
Incorporation date: 2015-10-19
Address: Room A2-422, No. 588 Chunhua Road, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Qingdao Runhongyi materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91370213350277288G
Incorporation date: 2015-07-23
Address: No. 2662 Heilongjiang Middle Road, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong
Yiwu Ziling Tang Health Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330782336993587B
Incorporation date: 2015-04-20
Address: Room 103, Building 18, Danxi District, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Yiwu Quan Jutang Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 330782000594493
Incorporation date: 2015-09-02
Address: Room A-1705, Jinfuyuan Commercial Building, Choucheng Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Shenzhen Sino-Fishing Continental Investment Holding Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5EXT008R
Incorporation date: 2018-01-02
Address: No.85 Taizi Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shanghai Chaoan Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310113MA1GLW2328
Incorporation date: 2017-07-26
Address: Room 703, Building D, Ming Valley Science and Technology Park, 7001 Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Sanyi Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120MA1HMYXD3U
Incorporation date: 2017-09-08
Address: Room B665, No. 659 Maoyuan Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Shanghai Kang Qiu Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310115MA1H98NK5D
Incorporation date: 2017-08-14
Address: Room 9371, Building 18, No. 3265 Jinhai Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Shenzhen Liuliangalcohol Wine Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300342486688U
Incorporation date: 2015-05-11
Address: 4H-006, 4th Floor, Exchange Square, South China City, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Fujian Minhuang Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350121MA32UMJW0M
Incorporation date: 2019-05-23
Address: 5 #压榨车间201, No. 1 Cuifeng Road, Nanshan Village, Minhou Gan Street, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Xin Baifu (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350105MA32K1H39E
Incorporation date: 2019-03-15
Address: Room 227, 2nd Floor, Processing Workshop, No. 59 Xingye West Road, Mawei Town, Mawei District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (Pilot Free Trade Zone)
Shanghai dobet Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310120MA1HNJ4E1R
Incorporation date: 2018-01-31
Address: Shanghai Pudong New District Jinhai Road 2449, 6th Floor A
Shanghai Uiyuen Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310114MA1GUPLJ4L
Incorporation date: 2018-05-29
Address: Xuhui District Yuqing Road 146
Shenzhen Vineyard E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
USCC: 9144030033516842X3
Incorporation date: 2015-04-10
Address: Shenzhen Longhua District Minzhi Street Mintai Community Vanke Jinyu Huafu Phase 2 Building 1 Rongyue House 132
Yiwu Huiduo Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA28D8J44A
Incorporation date: 2016-01-05
Address: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province Yiting Town
Shenzhen Aigli Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300350044214F
Incorporation date: 2015-08-28
Address: Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco Park, No. 26, Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco Park, Building 5 A612
Shenzhen Qianhai Zhuoneng Trade Import and Export Co., Ltd.
USCC: 914403003596209432
Incorporation date: 2015-12-22
Address: Room 201, Building A, No.1 Qianwan Road, Qianhai Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen Qianhai Business Secretary Co., Ltd
Shenzhen ZhiRan Wine Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300571980970B
Incorporation date: 2011-03-28
Address: Building A, 4068 Qiaoxiang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Si Meer Commercial Development Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300553850515C
Incorporation date: 2011-05-19
Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen, Dongxiao Street, Orchid Community Buji Road, 1021 Tin Lok Building 2108-2109
Yiwu Juzhen Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330782583590806F
Incorporation date: 2011-10-17
Address: 1st Floor, Unit 3, Building 16, Liuqing Jiu District, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Fuzhou Winke Jia Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350182MA33WECP9D
Incorporation date: 2020-05-18
Address: No.346, Xinguang Road, Heshang Town, Changle District, Fuzhou, Fujian
Shenzhen Senshui Tea Shop Catering Management Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5EPMQW2R
Incorporation date: 2017-08-28
Address: Room 201, Building A, No. 1, Qianwan 1st Road, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Qianhai, Shenzhen (settled in Shenzhen Qianhai Business Secretary Co., Ltd.)