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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

This page contains a list of Chinese exporting companies working in the specified business category.

There are 2274 companies on 23 pages. Scroll down the list to find the company you are looking for and click to get more information on it.
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Total companies: 2274Total pages: 23
Ningbo Beikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330226MA2CJFE134
Incorporation date: 2018-08-27
Address: No. 18, Jingang Venture Base, South of Ningbo Binhai New Area, Liyang Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, China
Dragon Huang (Shanghai) Life Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310113MA1GP5LW9Y
Incorporation date: 2020-03-31
Address: No.201 Aihui Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, 2, 3
Guorong (Shanghai) Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310112MA1GCW2H8W
Incorporation date: 2020-02-27
Address: 1/F, 223 Jianghan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Yiwu Wankang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA2HTBMD0R
Incorporation date: 2020-04-28
Address: No.277 Zhuyang Road, XIII Street, Yiwu City, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (5th floor, Yiwu Runting Knitting Co., Ltd.) (self-declared)
Zhuhai Huashi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440407MA54BU4L9L
Incorporation date: 2020-02-26
Address: Room 203, 2nd Floor, Building 1, Huaguan Road, Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai High-tech Zone
Zhuhai Phoenix High-Tech Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA549M949G
Incorporation date: 2020-01-08
Address: Hongqi Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, Liangang Industrial Zone Shuanglin Piece Chuangye North Road on the 3rd Building A saw pipe delivery workshop
Zhuhai Hengqin Shankang International Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA55QA3A00
Incorporation date: 2020-12-21
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -72720 (centralized office area)
Bangkai Medical Equipment (Shanwei) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441581MA54BMC818
Incorporation date: 2020-02-24
Address: Lufeng Donghai Town Shanghai Road east side of Xiashen Railway South (Lu Feng Industrial Park Phase I Five Building 3rd Floor)
Guangdong shexin Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5D4X9FX3
Incorporation date: 2020-02-27
Address: Guangzhou Panyu District Nancun Town Panyu Avenue North 75 Room 207
Guangdong Suijian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5D64X874
Incorporation date: 2020-03-24
Address: A40, 2nd Floor, No. 3, Shengdang Street, Cen Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Shenzhen Tian Chun Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G42KX5G
Incorporation date: 2020-03-27
Address: Pingshan District, Shenzhen Longtian Street, Zhukeng Community Science and Technology Road No. 3 Plant E301
Yuankun Medical Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5FPK262A
Incorporation date: 2019-07-15
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen, Dahang Street, Wave Community Gold Star 2 Park, Building 3
Shenzhen Huayuan Yopu Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G2RJ9X7
Incorporation date: 2020-03-03
Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District Xili Street Bai Mang Community Niucheng Village Niusheng Road Second Industrial Zone 220 Building 1, Building 1, No. 111
Shenzhen Weihong Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G5RR54L
Incorporation date: 2020-04-28
Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen Nanwan Street Danzhutou Community Zhongxing Road No. 12, Building C, Shenzhen Kong Hua Electronics Co., Ltd. 105
Guangdong Jiuzhou Sheng Yuen Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440605MA54C1MX8L
Incorporation date: 2020-02-28
Address: Foshan Nanhai District Shishan Town Songxia Industrial Park No.2 (Workshop) Second Floor, Room A1, Room B1, Room C1 (Residence Declaration)
Zhuhai Hengqin Xiyue Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA51GHLW60
Incorporation date: 2018-03-31
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -46638 (centralized office area)
Yiwu Ouming Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA2HREUW4M
Incorporation date: 2020-04-02
Address: 6th Floor, No. 106 Dharma Road, Fudang Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)
Hua Yongkang Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3LJL72
Incorporation date: 2020-03-20
Address: Shenzhen Longhua District Fucheng Street Fumin community Yuanchuyuan Lu No.A12 Building 405
Shenzhen Yisen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3DPG28
Incorporation date: 2020-03-17
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen, Minzhi Street, Ling Community Longguang Jiu Diamond North A Block 1A46
Guangdong Ruina Biotechnology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3RY909
Incorporation date: 2020-03-24
Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen, Xixiang Street Nanchang Community Hangcheng Avenue Huafeng International Robotics Industrial Park, 5th Floor, Building G
Guangdong Shenxiang Kangxiang Industry Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5GJD6Q0X
Incorporation date: 2020-12-21
Address: Shenzhen Pingshan District Biling Street Shahu Community Longhu Industrial Zone Building B South Side 1 Office Building 203-3
Guangdong Xingzhi Spring Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA547H3M37
Incorporation date: 2019-12-20
Address: Room 101, No. 1 Xiangxing West Street, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong
Guangdong Kannaixin Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 914420005536874206
Incorporation date: 2010-04-20
Address: Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Guangji West Road No.1 2nd Floor
Zhuhai Hongzhuo Yuanheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440402MA54JAHY7M
Incorporation date: 2020-04-20
Address: Room 1101, Building 15, No.188, Meihua East Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Fuzhou Zhanghui Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350123MA33P2R09K
Incorporation date: 2020-03-30
Address: No.43-29, Jiuxi Village, Baita Township, Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Shenzhen Hao Bang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300062716485T
Incorporation date: 2013-02-04
Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Dalang Street, Gaofeng Community Exhibition Run Business Building 610
Guangdong Taian Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 914405007229411602
Incorporation date: 2000-03-25
Address: Shantou Jinyuan Industrial Zone 11R2-2 Area 1, 2
Zhuhai Qinsheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA51K41705
Incorporation date: 2018-04-18
Address: Unit 601, 6th Floor, No.21 Nanwan North Road, Nanping, Zhuhai
Guangdong Zhongke Medical Products Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441323MA54KD3Q6Y
Incorporation date: 2020-04-26
Address: Huidong County Daling Town Shapei Park School Back Building A 48
Guangdong Wander Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA54D0JW37
Incorporation date: 2020-03-10
Address: Room 203, Building 3, No. 70, Huangjiang East Ring Road, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong
Guangdong Tongyang Feng Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440784MA54HWYR7W
Incorporation date: 2020-04-16
Address: No.28 Jianjian East Road, Taoyuan Town, Heshan City (self-penned 02-03)
Guangdong Zhongxin Ke Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441302MA54BYKR0P
Incorporation date: 2020-02-27
Address: Huicheng District, Huizhou District, Shui Kou Street Office Jiangdong Avenue No. 10
Guangdong Tengno Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441521MA54GH097L
Incorporation date: 2020-04-07
Address: Haifeng County Chengdong Town Jinyuan Industrial Zone
Guangdong Sing Da Health Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA54HP8X1E
Incorporation date: 2020-04-15
Address: Building 3, No. 5, Gao Po Section, North Wang Road, Gao Po Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong
Ningbo Handeno Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2H45Y08A
Incorporation date: 2020-03-05
Address: Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province Lanjiang Street Wangongchi Road No. 3 plant (self-declared)
Ningbo Jurunlong Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330205MA2CK6RX9B
Incorporation date: 2018-10-11
Address: Hongtang Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Ningbo Yirui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330206MA2J4FR53T
Incorporation date: 2021-01-15
Address: Ningbo Beilun District Daqi Street, Xinhua Road 96, Building 12, No. 96, No. 98, No. 98, No. 98
Ningbo Victor Medical Products Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2H4MX240
Incorporation date: 2020-04-01
Address: Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Jiamai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330205MA2CJJPM6D
Incorporation date: 2018-08-30
Address: Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Yongsheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2H5CE218
Incorporation date: 2020-04-30
Address: Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Benjanda Health Management (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2J4B4EX4
Incorporation date: 2021-01-06
Address: 4-10020, Building 4, Huicong Home Appliance City, Yuyao City, Zhejiang
Hami City Xinjian Road Ming Hongtu Special Products Store
USCC: 652201610081115
Incorporation date: 2012-11-12
Address: Hami City, Xinjian Road 2 Hospital No. 15 (150 meters to the right of 37 seven hospitals)
Ningbo Meilan Protection Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330203MA2H57J97K
Incorporation date: 2020-04-24
Address: No.255 Lingqiao Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang <11-3> (Centralized Office Area)
Ningbo Qingwei Protective Products Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330282MA2H44MX9F
Incorporation date: 2020-03-03
Address: No.1559 North Third Ring Road, Zonghan Street, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
Wenzhou Shengcai New Material Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330300MA2CQWL20R
Incorporation date: 2018-08-08
Address: Room 1616, 16F, Lexite Business Building, No.75 Huichang Road, Qu Xi Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Huadao Medical Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330201MA2H54DA9U
Incorporation date: 2020-04-21
Address: Room 178, Building 2, No. 8 Xingye Avenue, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang
Ningbo Chengrui Biological Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330211MA2H512K2T
Incorporation date: 2020-04-16
Address: No. 169, Linyu North Road, Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Yuanju Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2H40PA9U
Incorporation date: 2020-02-16
Address: No.30 Gubei Road, Sibei Village, Simen Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)
Hebi Weixin Health Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91410600MA47XHNQ63
Incorporation date: 2019-12-25
Address: Room 301, 3rd Floor, East podium, Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, Hebi City, Henan Province
Ningbo Shushang Biological Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330282MA2AJ0708C
Incorporation date: 2018-04-08
Address: Longshan Town, Cixi City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Wei Aida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330225MA2H41EP4T
Incorporation date: 2020-02-21
Address: Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, Huangxi Village, Wall Town, North Side
Ningbo Liemeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330206MA2H4NBD70
Incorporation date: 2020-04-01
Address: 3rd Floor, Building 3, No. 688 Lingfeng Mountain Road, Daqi Street, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Maxco (Ningbo) Health Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330201MA2H4MUM9R
Incorporation date: 2020-03-31
Address: 1-19, No. 255 Guanghua Road, Ningbo High-tech Zone, Zhejiang
Changchun Jixinjian Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91220109MA17DWQGXD
Incorporation date: 2020-01-19
Address: Room 501, Building 22, Liuyuan Community, Luwafang Commercial Residential Area, Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun
Xinjian District Xingping Integrity Animal Health Department
USCC: 92360122MA387JD10U
Incorporation date: 2018-11-05
Address: No.48, Chicheng South Road, Tiexihe Township, Nanchang City
Jining Huixin Health Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91370882MA3RUKLY7D
Incorporation date: 2020-04-21
Address: Yuda Health Industrial Park, No. 666 Dayu North Road, Yanzhou District Industrial Park, Jining City, Shandong Province
USCC: 91650500MA78KXXB6L
Incorporation date: 2020-03-18
Address: No.36 Qingnian North Road, Donghe Street, Yizhou District, Hami
Ningbo Jiujian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2H41J28B
Incorporation date: 2020-02-22
Address: No.77 Fengming Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Sanqi Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330203MA2H50LM7Q
Incorporation date: 2020-04-15
Address: Yinjiang Village, Yinjiang Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Haosheng De Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330205MA2J5BRW9H
Incorporation date: 2021-03-12
Address: 2nd Floor, Building 2, No. 98, Lane 666, Jinshan Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Mei Sheng Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330282MA2J51X16B
Incorporation date: 2021-02-26
Address: No. 1 Dongnan Road, Tianyang Village Town, Longshan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Damai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330201MA2H4C3K3U
Incorporation date: 2020-03-17
Address: 610, Building A, Yueju Apartment, Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Enke Health Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330206MA2H4Y5R3P
Incorporation date: 2020-04-14
Address: Room 2301-2304, 3rd Floor, Building 3, No. 88 Jingsi Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Yuanpigeon Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330281MA2H49GE99
Incorporation date: 2020-03-12
Address: No.17 Zhenxing East Road, Lizhou Street, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)
Ningbo Baide Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330282MA2H42TLX2
Incorporation date: 2020-02-26
Address: No.43 Sanhai Road, East Zone, Industrial Park, Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Dayson Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330282MA2H4PPEXJ
Incorporation date: 2020-04-03
Address: No. 768, Huanyuan South Road, Yuanxiang Village Industrial Park, Andong Town, Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo, China
Shenzhen Hangjiaxin Health Pharmaceutical
USCC: 91440300MA5FBADQ2D
Incorporation date: 2018-09-28
Address: Shekou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Seaside Community Shekou Old Street 75 Fishermen Building 208
Taizhou Yiteng Jingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91321291561814709Q
Incorporation date: 2010-10-21
Address: Taizhou City Health Avenue No. 801 24 (Medical City)
Zhaoping Medical Protection Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330206MA2H565605
Incorporation date: 2020-04-22
Address: 2nd Floor, Building 1, No. 18 Chuangfu Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Shenzhen Xin Yachen Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5GHTF087
Incorporation date: 2020-12-11
Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen, Yuanshan Street, Holau Community, No. 13, Block B, B, 101
Hubei Wuquitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91420600MA49E18W43
Incorporation date: 2019-12-27
Address: Xiangyang High-tech Zone Zhuhai Avenue and Wuxi Road intersection of Xiangyang Science and Technology City, Room 420, 4th floor (residence declaration)
Zhuhai Yingkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440403MA55RYBD7R
Incorporation date: 2020-12-31
Address: Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Jingan Town, the village leader of the band on the 1st
Fujian Zhonghua Heng Ankang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100MA33ND7L2R
Incorporation date: 2020-03-24
Address: Fuzhou Luoyuan County Songshan Town Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Songshan Area Venture Park
Guangdong Ye Chuntang Medical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CT4P05U
Incorporation date: 2019-06-14
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Taihe Town, Dayuan Tian Xin East Road No. 12, Room 101 (self-declared)
Xino Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3W9T95
Incorporation date: 2020-03-25
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Xinqiao Street Wanfeng Community Center Road 18 Goldman Building A1218
Huayao (Shenzhen) Medical Device Group Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G2W8W11
Incorporation date: 2020-03-04
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen Xinqiao Street Xinqiao Community XingFang Industrial Zone, Building A, Building A
Shenzhen Weiwei Shi Economic & Trade Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G2CX12U
Incorporation date: 2020-02-17
Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen, Xixiang Street, Liutang Community Qianjin 2nd Road, No. 58, Jiu Apartment 58-3
Shenzhen LiCheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3JF12F
Incorporation date: 2020-03-19
Address: Room 201, Block A, Garden City Digital Building, 1079 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Merchants Street, Nanshan District CR273
Shenzhen Boyou Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G4B6865
Incorporation date: 2020-04-02
Address: Shenzhen Longhua District Longhua Street Qinghu Community Xuegang North Road 416 Silicon Valley Power A14 Building four floors
Shenzhen Ark Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G330K96
Incorporation date: 2020-03-09
Address: Shenzhen Baoan District, Shiyan Street, Huangxin Community Baoyuan Community Material Hang Minsheng 3rd Road, Building A, 3rd Floor
Shenzhen Bai Shi Da Medical Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G43GY08
Incorporation date: 2020-03-30
Address: Shenzhen Longgang District Nanwan Street Baoling Community ZhongZhao Garden Hao Ting Xuan 7 F
Shenzhen Aositian Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Incorporation date: 2018-12-13
Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Yuehai Street, Guangdong Gui Community Gui Temple New Village 33 104
Yiwu Juren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA2HR94Q61
Incorporation date: 2020-03-27
Address: No.22 Changfu Road, Suxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Zhuhai Yu Ning Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA53PLLD25
Incorporation date: 2019-09-06
Address: Room 1104, Unit 1, Building 12, No. 1697 Everest Avenue, Jingan Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai
Anxin (Ningbo) Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2H44U851
Incorporation date: 2020-03-03
Address: No.5 Xingbin Road, Ningbo Ecological Park, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, 3-2-88 (independent declaration) (limited office)
Yiwu Zitong Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA2HRFXE99
Incorporation date: 2020-04-03
Address: Building 3, No. 16, Zijin North Road, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)
Ningbo Weibao Medical Products Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330282MA2H4PAP4L
Incorporation date: 2020-04-02
Address: No.523, Cizhang Road, Industrial Park, Zangqi Town, Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Disaikang Technology Development Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2H4AEW6C
Incorporation date: 2020-03-13
Address: No. 2020 Jingjiang Road, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Zhejiang Feima Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330201MA2GRYMT28
Incorporation date: 2019-07-23
Address: 17-1, Building 067, No.435 Meixu Road, High-tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Zhuhai Jibo Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA51WKU90W
Incorporation date: 2018-06-22
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -51794 (centralized office area)
Zhuhai Huamin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA548CGT5R
Incorporation date: 2019-12-26
Address: No. 77, Jinfeng Middle Road, Tangjiawan Town, High-tech Zone, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Tonglotang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440403MA54J8QC91
Incorporation date: 2020-04-20
Address: Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Qianwu Town, Mashan Village Road West residential new area on the 4th
Fuzhou Kangjian Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350182MA33PWPQ0F
Incorporation date: 2020-04-08
Address: No.7 R & D Building, No.33 Donghu Road, Digital Fujian Industrial Park, Wenwusa Town, Changle District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Shenzhen Belcon Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G5KMC0D
Incorporation date: 2020-04-26
Address: Building 301, Building A2, Songfa Industrial Park, No. 26, Fuhai Street, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Zhuhai Heng Jian Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440402MA5553DD5J
Incorporation date: 2020-08-13
Address: Room 102, Unit 1, No. 10, Nanxia 1st Street, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
Guangdong Corun Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441802MA4X1BCA8N
Incorporation date: 2009-07-14
Address: Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City, Shikao Town, Guangzhou (Qingyuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park on the 9th Innovation Road
Fujian Ximei Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350102MA33GCJQ99
Incorporation date: 2019-12-23
Address: Room 228B, 2nd Floor, No.95 Tongpan Road, Wufeng Street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Shenzhen Iron Niu Dao Medical Health Culture Investment Management Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300359429743J
Incorporation date: 2015-12-07
Address: Room 201, Building A, No. 1, Qianwan 1st Road, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Qianhai, Shenzhen (settled in Shenzhen Qianhai Business Secretary Co., Ltd.)
Shenzhen Yuanxingsky Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300306114975N
Incorporation date: 2014-05-19
Address: B609, Dongmei Apartment, No. 31 Zhongkang Road, Shangmei Community, Meilin Street, Futian District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Ruijie Xingke Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5F6U9NXC
Incorporation date: 2018-06-26
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Huanggang Port Futian South Road 38 Guangyin Building -1712-05