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Food manufacturing

This page contains a list of Chinese exporting companies working in the specified business category.

There are 3487 companies on 35 pages. Scroll down the list to find the company you are looking for and click to get more information on it.
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Total companies: 3487Total pages: 35
Guangdong Ke taste Jian Food Technology Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91441200MA52ARWH9B
Incorporation date: 2018-09-27
Address: Zhaoqing Hi-Tech Zone Sha Li Industrial Park Wende Fourth Street
Mr. Durian (Guangdong) Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5CKY9T3N
Incorporation date: 2019-01-02
Address: Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guicheng Street South Guilan Road 47, Block 1, Daisheng Xiaocheng Square, 2005 Bi (residence declaration)
Guangdong Songda Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd.
USCC: 442000000944003
Incorporation date: 2014-02-21
Address: Zhongshan city people town Zhongshan bonded logistics center integrated office building 1105A, Room 1106A
Guangdong Wanbao Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91445103X18243457M
Incorporation date: 1999-12-24
Address: Chaozhou Chaoan District Anbu Chaoan Avenue Anfeng Road
Shenzhen XinYi Catering Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G262D73
Incorporation date: 2020-01-21
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen City, Huaqiang North Street, Lichun Community Hua Lian Development Complex, East Side, Wangwang Food City 105
Shenzhen West Kowloon Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5FELM89F
Incorporation date: 2018-12-20
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Xin'an Street Haiyu Community 83 District Bao'an Avenue Guang'an gas station backfloor 617
Guangdong Wanburghli Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA5D3J5K1J
Incorporation date: 2019-12-27
Address: Room 102, No. 13, Tangli Road, Zhujiang Village, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (self-declared)
Shanghai Chenxi Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310116MA1JALQ899
Incorporation date: 2018-05-08
Address: Room 1131, 666 Lane 58-89, Xianning Road
Shanghai Kitchens Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310114MA1GWWXH4J
Incorporation date: 2020-04-10
Address: Room JT1351, 4th Floor, No. 4229 Baoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Shenzhen Youxin HenYi Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G3UMN7P
Incorporation date: 2020-03-25
Address: Futian District, Shenzhen, Futian Street, Futian District, Futian District, Futian District, Futian District, Shenzhen, 3039 International Cultural Building, No. 303B
Guangdong Traceful Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA54KRRD09
Incorporation date: 2020-04-28
Address: Room 103, No. 6, Vorling Industrial Road, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong
Guangdong Junhong Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91441900MA54KYLL7X
Incorporation date: 2020-04-29
Address: Room 102, No. 12, Zhongtang Chuangye Road, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong
Guangdong Lianyu Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440606MA4W29CY3M
Incorporation date: 2016-12-09
Address: Foshan Shunde District Longjiang Town Zuotan Ganzhu Avenue 18
Yiden Garden Beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91310107MA1G15E44L
Incorporation date: 2020-04-26
Address: Room 215-V, 2nd Floor, Block B, No.255 Hongliu Road, Hongliu Road, Puuuo District
Shanghai Niu Road Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91310113MA1GP2582R
Incorporation date: 2020-01-06
Address: 2F, 367 East Gu Bei Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai B2086
Shenzhen School Youu Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G1DC32W
Incorporation date: 2020-01-03
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Songgang Street Songgang Community Red Flower New Village Garden Street 56 Building 101
Fengwo Food (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G2E595K
Incorporation date: 2020-02-19
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Songgang Street Songtao Community Liye Road No. 27 111-112
Shenzhen Sheng Chosen Catering Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G30QR3C
Incorporation date: 2020-03-06
Address: Shenzhen Bao'an District Xin'an Street turned community 47 District after Yueseng Village 22 Building 103
Shenzhen Diping Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5G2GK612
Incorporation date: 2020-02-24
Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen Jihua Street Gankeng Community Gankeng Tongfu Industrial Zone No.9 Plant 6 Building 101
Yiwu Mei Kin Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330782MA2HRUXQ87
Incorporation date: 2020-04-16
Address: 1/F, Liudatang Village, Chengxi Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)
Shenzhen Fuan Health Technology Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440300MA5FN3WP11
Incorporation date: 2019-06-12
Address: Shenzhen Baoan District Shiyan Street Shilong Community Shilong Slaughterhouse No.1 Jiakang Huibao Meat Co., Ltd.
Yiwu Shangxi Liangming Food Factory
USCC: 92330782MA2DCHC438
Incorporation date: 2018-05-21
Address: No. 16 Xingrong Road, Shangxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Le Doctor Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440300MA5ET3N1XB
Incorporation date: 2017-10-20
Address: Room 201, Building A, No. 1, Qianwan 1st Road, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Qianhai, Shenzhen (settled in Shenzhen Qianhai Business Secretary Co., Ltd.)
Zhuhai Sanjun Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400059985748K
Incorporation date: 2013-01-11
Address: 3F, Building 2, 265 Changping Road, Gongbei, Zhuhai
Zhuhai Changhao Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA54BM5G20
Incorporation date: 2020-02-24
Address: Room D503-2, 5/F, Taifeng Cross-border E-Commerce Industrial Park, Taifeng Trade Logistics Center, No.33, Huawei Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Lianyungang Baiyang Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91320707MA1WDR635Q
Incorporation date: 2018-04-19
Address: No. 19, Zhuhai Road, Economic Development Zone, Ganyu District, Lianyungang
Longhua New District Longhua Cuihong Steamed Bun Shop
USCC: 92440300MA5K491T4B
Incorporation date: 2013-06-05
Address: Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Longhua Street Shuidou Xinwei 12 Building 2
Luohu District, Shenzhen Luoshu Mingming Noodle Shop
USCC: 92440300MA5K33T113
Incorporation date: 2011-12-19
Address: Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Caupu Dongxiau Village, Building 30
Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, pay all noodles shop
USCC: 92440300MA5K0LX79N
Incorporation date: 2011-09-21
Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Bantian Street Yangmei Community Yangma Community, Building A, 16th floor
Longgang District, Shenzhen Pingdi quantity Jian bee product shop
USCC: 92440300MA5K57XHXP
Incorporation date: 2011-03-01
Address: Shenzhen Longgang District Pingdi Street Liulian Community Shenhui Road 776-2
Pingshan New District, Shenzhen City, Zhang Qinhui Pho stall
USCC: 92440300MA5K52226K
Incorporation date: 2010-04-28
Address: No. 190, 1st Floor, Pingshan Comprehensive Market, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen
Zhuhai Shengweilong Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440402MA54C6FD31
Incorporation date: 2020-03-02
Address: Zhuhai Gongbei Qiaoguang Road 245 Building 11 20# -2 Shop
Guangdong Prophet Ezekai Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91440400MA51J78HXY
Incorporation date: 2018-04-12
Address: No.6 Baohua Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, Room 105 -47056 (centralized office area)
Zhuhai Xiangzhou Xingyuan Market Tan Ocean Handmade Noodle Shop
USCC: 92440400MA4WA86F0D
Incorporation date: 2017-03-13
Address: 1/F, Xingyuan Market, 42 Cuimin Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Fuzhou Kaiyue Wine Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350102MA33HFYK9M
Incorporation date: 2020-01-06
Address: Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, No. 128-1 Wusi Road, No. 128-1, China Travel City II Office Building, Room 03 -8
Fujian Gushanling Wine Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350103MA32G3EA03
Incorporation date: 2019-01-31
Address: 551 #楼1层03店面, Wuyi Oasis Phase III, No.379 Fuguang South Road, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Chengxia Industrial Co., Ltd
USCC: 91350100MA32FKYJ2W
Incorporation date: 2019-01-23
Address: No. 14 Qiaosha Road, Nanqi Village, High-tech Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian
Manniu Fresh (Ningxia) Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91640100MA76HCD2XF
Incorporation date: 2020-04-08
Address: Room 1106, Building 2, Shangza Community, Fuzhou South Street, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia
Fujian Hongyun Tournament Wine Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350100MA34H82C1R
Incorporation date: 2020-08-14
Address: No.112 Beiyuan Road, Beiyuan Village, Gaishan Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Conglong Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350111MA33P4EW3H
Incorporation date: 2020-03-31
Address: D413-2, 4th Floor, Shuitou Road, Chayuan Street, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Fuzhou Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91350103MA33TJCD80
Incorporation date: 2020-04-29
Address: No. 16 Aogang Road, Aofeng Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China (formerly Aogang Road West, Gushan Bridge East) Vanke Financial Port Center 1 #楼6层07办公
Zhuhai Jiuweitang Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440400MA4UH54T0E
Incorporation date: 2015-09-11
Address: Zhuhai Doumen District Jingan Town Everest Avenue No. 288 (Jinxiu Rongcheng) 4 Building 2 Room 1101
New Bakery Shop in Dengfeng City
USCC: 410185600505815
Incorporation date: 2016-08-15
Address: Dengfeng City Binhe Road Longda Supermarket (Jiming Street neighborhood Committee)
Xinjian District Jing Jing food shop
USCC: 360122610028591
Incorporation date: 2016-10-19
Address: No.239 Changfu Avenue, Changfu Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang
Jinan Changqing District Shun Xin Pancake Shop
USCC: 370113600308465
Incorporation date: 2016-05-12
Address: Jinan City Changqing District Wufengshan Street Office North Yellow Village 43
Right back flag Bai Zhen Xin Xin pancake shop
USCC: 92150928MA0N9DBC07
Incorporation date: 2016-04-20
Address: Right back flag Baizhen three South Gate
Lianshui County Gaogou Town Mu heart health food shop
USCC: 92320826MA1NR741XK
Incorporation date: 2016-03-14
Address: Room 701, Shop 7, Yangkou Commercial City, Lianshui County
Xinjian District Delicious Boiled Xinyi Flower Garden Shop
USCC: 92360122MA36X65H5W
Incorporation date: 2017-11-09
Address: No.32, Lane 167, Cultural Avenue, Changping Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City (Xinyi Garden)
New District Siwigo Lishui Jiayuan
USCC: 92360122MA36331H8G
Incorporation date: 2017-07-03
Address: Changfu Avenue, Changfu Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City (Lishui Garden 13 Room A8)
Xinjian District Chen Ji Sweet Sweet Sweet Yang Pastry Shop
USCC: 92360122MA368XJN00
Incorporation date: 2017-09-08
Address: Nanchang City, Changzheng Town, Xinjian District Market 6 #155号
New regional taste and gourmet food shop
USCC: 92360122MA35YUP46M
Incorporation date: 2017-05-19
Address: No.24, Area B, No. 239 Changfu Avenue, Changfu Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang
Jiaohe Valley Ruixin Pancake Shop
USCC: 92220281MA1402EK00
Incorporation date: 2017-01-03
Address: Room 1, Building 16, Henan Street, Jiaohe City, Jilin Province
Hualong District, Puyang City, integrity pancake shop
USCC: 410902613191620
Incorporation date: 2014-10-30
Address: Jianghan Road East Road North
Jinan City Steel City Ruixin Pancake Shop
USCC: 92371203MA3FJGTK19
Incorporation date: 2014-12-04
Address: Nancheng Zipo Community, Aishan Street, Gangcheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Luliang Luliang Lishi District Xiaomo still products bakery new market shop
USCC: 141102670124749
Incorporation date: 2015-05-13
Address: New Market in Leishi District
Bahrain Zuo Bi Liutai Town Xin Jian Pasta
USCC: 92150422MA0PHFFA0A
Incorporation date: 2015-05-18
Address: Bahrain Zuo Bi Liutai Town Wuxiang Yingzi Village
Tonhua Erdaojiang District Yayuan Town Lixin Pancake Factory
USCC: 92220503MA16180F4H
Incorporation date: 2015-04-14
Address: Tonghua City, Jilin Province, Erdaojiang District Yayuan Town East Heat Station West
Linyi Wholesale City Jiang Weixin Pancake Shop
USCC: 371301600505330
Incorporation date: 2010-05-17
Address: Linyi Xinling Farmers Room No. 38
Ningbo YouChuan Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330201MA2H4RRK73
Incorporation date: 2020-04-08
Address: Room 303, Building 1, No.6 Gangdong Avenue, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang
Ningbo Bisheng Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330201MA2H4PQG2C
Incorporation date: 2020-04-03
Address: Room 701, 7th Floor, Building 1, No. 5 Xingye 1st Road, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang Province (Yongbao Market Company Trust 925)
China Huitong Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330201MA2GQGAR55
Incorporation date: 2019-04-30
Address: Room 701, 7th Floor, Building 1, No. 5 Xingye 1st Road, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang Province (Yongbao Market Company Trust No. 907)
New District Liuhu Joaquin Food Workshop
USCC: 92360122MA39H8FU6C
Incorporation date: 2020-07-28
Address: Nanchang New District Liuhu Town Shuxi Village Gangshan Bu Xu Village
Hanzhong Konoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91610702MA6YXDYA20
Incorporation date: 2020-01-20
Address: Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, Hantai District, No. 87 North Street (sixth floor opposite the original materials Bureau of century sunshine)
Fuyang City, Yingdong District flower town Xinju baby milk powder new store
USCC: 341203600223857
Incorporation date: 2016-04-29
Address: Flower arrangement town zhanan village new set (Fubang Road East test)
Wanzai County Xin Jian trade
USCC: 360922610026306
Incorporation date: 2016-11-16
Address: 312 Office of E-Commerce Building, Electronic Industrial Park, No. 888 Jiancheng Avenue, Wanzai County, Yichun
Junan County Liu Chunxin Pancake Room
USCC: 371327600490222
Incorporation date: 2016-11-04
Address: Junan County ten Liu Road East section north side
Jiaohe Ruixin Pancake Shop
USCC: 92220281MA15FN550M
Incorporation date: 2013-12-02
Address: Jiaohe Changan Street Long Road Committee (Changan Village 14-15 podium) 16-3 Qiu -16
Luannan County Xin Jian dairy farms
USCC: 92130224MA0854D804
Incorporation date: 2013-09-27
Address: Sigezhuang Town, Lan Tuo Village
Xinjian County Xingxin Ice Cream Shop
USCC: 360122600206669
Incorporation date: 2013-01-21
Address: No.894 Jiefang Road, Changping Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang
New District Key Heart Excellent Food Workshop
USCC: 92360122MA39DKNB2P
Incorporation date: 2020-05-05
Address: Nanchang City, Shibu Town, Xinjian District, Huangyuan Village Zhujia
New District Li's handmade noodles
USCC: 92360122MA39JULBXG
Incorporation date: 2020-09-04
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Shibu Town Huashan Village Zitang Road
Cuizhiba handmade dumplings shop
USCC: 92360122MA39CT2K16
Incorporation date: 2020-04-16
Address: Shop 2, Longtou Gang Road, Qiaoshe Town, New District, Nanchang
New District small leaf fruit line
USCC: 92360122MA39DRTD68
Incorporation date: 2020-05-08
Address: No.169 Youyi Road, Changyi Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang
Xinjian District Xi Xi Food Shop
USCC: 92360122MA39FNAD54
Incorporation date: 2020-06-17
Address: Nanchang City, Xinjian District, Changzhang Town, No. 238, Ming Fan Road store (home Jinglaika town)
New District Youchuang Condiment Processing Plant
USCC: 92360122MA39F03J7Q
Incorporation date: 2020-06-01
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Changyi Township Gaozhou Village
New District Xiao Hanyang fruit wholesale
USCC: 92360122MA39KDED09
Incorporation date: 2020-09-16
Address: Nanchang City Xinjian District Changli Town Fu Yi Road on the 8th store
Xinjian District Qiaoshe Yu Zhen grain and oil convenience store
USCC: 92360122MA39HQAU3A
Incorporation date: 2020-08-10
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Qiaoshe Town Qiligang Farmers Market
Poyang County hou Gang new trade department
USCC: 92361128MA36150G8U
Incorporation date: 2017-06-07
Address: Shangrao Poyang County Hou Jiagang Township Furnace Toyota Village
New District Taimang fruit fishing drink shop
USCC: 92360122MA36MEDL0R
Incorporation date: 2017-09-29
Address: Nanchang City, Changmai Road, Changmai Road, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, 4th Floor A2-4003 (A2-4F014)
Xinjian District Wenyu rice cake processing shop
USCC: 92360122MA37N4N44T
Incorporation date: 2017-12-25
Address: Nanchang City, Xinjian District, Xishan Town, Quan Zhu Village
New District Chongqing noodles processing shop
USCC: 92360122MA35XTR91P
Incorporation date: 2017-05-08
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Wangcheng New District Comprehensive Market 1-5
New District LaoWan Trade Bank
USCC: 92360122MA35Q1WM56
Incorporation date: 2015-04-09
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Changzheng Industrial Second Road (Daming Food Co., Ltd.)
New District Jinfu Breakfast Shop
USCC: 360122600303401
Incorporation date: 2015-11-09
Address: No.327 Jianhe Road, Changping Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City
Yang Chunyun — Xinjian Road, Gaosha Town, Dongkou County, Hunan Province
USCC: 430525600196030
Incorporation date: 2015-03-24
Address: Xinjian Road, Gaosha Town, Dongkou County, Hunan
Yishui County grain core pancake shop
USCC: 371323600492159
Incorporation date: 2015-07-10
Address: Yishui County Wenchang Road East
Ningbo Tengkey Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330212MA2J4GRJ0U
Incorporation date: 2021-01-18
Address: No. 1 Yunhao Road, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Ningbo Bento Good Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330203MA2J4EWM1K
Incorporation date: 2021-01-13
Address: 1441, 3rd Floor, No.19 Zhongxian Lane, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Ningbo Fengxiang Trading Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330211MA2J58RH83
Incorporation date: 2021-03-09
Address: 1, Lane 46, Qiancongyuan Road, Zhaobaoshan Street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Jia Teacher Traditional Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2J5D6A0R
Incorporation date: 2021-03-15
Address: 11-9, Building 45, No. 163 Ruiqing Road, Fuming Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Runci Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330282MA2J4ETD96
Incorporation date: 2021-01-13
Address: Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, Gutang Street, Hutong Road 225
New District Yi food Xuan cake big sister shop
USCC: 92360122MA38KW823Y
Incorporation date: 2019-05-13
Address: Nanchang Xinjian District Changqu Town Waifan Road No. 311
New District Ness Bakery
USCC: 92360122MA38DTF72U
Incorporation date: 2019-03-11
Address: No.814, Building 8, Wenfeng Yard, No. 289, Xingfu North Road, Changjian District, Nanchang City
Xinjian District Jinqiao Dongmei Food Distributor
USCC: 92360122MA3861K53Q
Incorporation date: 2018-10-10
Address: Xinjian District, Nanchang City, Jinqiao Township on the village
Anhui Shixin Building Materials Co., Ltd
USCC: 91340825MA2RLLY38A
Incorporation date: 2018-04-10
Address: Taihu County Xuqiao Industrial Zone Incubation Park A Building 2-41
Guangzhou Wexin Health Management Co., Ltd
USCC: 91440101MA9UKBEH8F
Incorporation date: 2020-05-07
Address: Room 205, No. 2, Tangdong Yu South Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Quanzhou little strange thin letter health technology co., LTD
USCC: 91350504MA33THLF65
Incorporation date: 2020-04-29
Address: No.276 Wanrong Street Wanfu Community Wanan Street, Luojiang District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province
Ningbo Manni Trading Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2J586R6P
Incorporation date: 2021-03-08
Address: No.699 Haiyan North Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Ningbo Nabisi Pet Food Co., Ltd
USCC: 91330212MA2J4T9Y42
Incorporation date: 2021-02-05
Address: Room 1713-2, No. 558, Taikang Middle Road, Shounan Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Ningbo Pengying International Trade Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330282MA2J56JY0C
Incorporation date: 2021-03-05
Address: No.15, Lane 82, Gutang East Road, Hushan Street, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
Yuyao City, Le Shuang Food Co., Ltd.
USCC: 91330281MA2J55WG3A
Incorporation date: 2021-03-04
Address: No.5 Luojiang Village Industrial Park, Hemudu Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province (self-declared)