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We know how important it is to trust a business partner

To do this, you need to know more about them. You can hire a investigator, but it's easier to get a ready-made report on the partner's government contracts, inspections and enforcement proceedings. TokmaTech helps businesses obtain reliable information about counterparties to help avoid reputational and financial risks.
Expanding the boundaries for business
Order a report on any company in China, Russia and Europe. We are increasing our database daily.
Choosing reliable sources
You will receive reliable information collected from dozens of official sources, including government databases.
Clients return to us time and time again
Clients receive comprehensive reports in 1–2 days.

How it all started

The founders of TokmaTech met in Prague at the International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications (ICETE 2019), where they shared stories from their experience. They were engaged in online services for business, security, reporting to government agencies... They agreed that the marketplace had long needed a tool that helps identify bona fide counterparties from the rest. They came up with such a tool.

In 2019 we launched the Сompany Inspector service. TokmaTech "grew wiser" every day: he processed terabytes of information and learned to analyze it. Soon, TokmaTech had customers in Europe, Russia and China.

We are convinced that the CompanyInspector service will help thousands of companies find new reliable partners around the world.


TokmaTech Team

We help businesses free up time for development and growth
Sergey Tokmakov
Sergey Tokmakov

I set up a business in the Czech Republic where I had to manually check European and Russian counterparties. I was tired of being inefficient, and I figured out how to automate the process.

Dmitry Kiverin
Dmitry Kiverin

I tested business hypotheses in the Chinese and Russian markets. I realized how important it is for exporters to know their customers. Now it's easier for them.

Ivan Golov
Ivan Golov

I created a business in Great Britain, gaining invaluable experience from working with European companies. I am glad that Prague has united us into a team.

Olga Barry
Olga Barry

I helped to win 100+ government contracts in Russia. Now I live in the US and use my experience to succeed on the international market.

Alexey Egunov
Alexey Egunov

I worked in China, I had to check dozens of counterparties. Fortunately, it's now easier for businesses to do this with TokmaTech.

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