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The easy way to check companies in China and Russia

Check your international business partners and get business reports on companies from China and Russia. Save time on research and make more informed business decisions. Reduce business and tax risks on your contracts. We collect and analyze the most valuable data about the company and make it available to you.
We provide reports on Chinese and Russian companies with risk warnings, financials, ratings, and more
Check the legitimacy of your new Chinese or Russian supplier
Importing from China or Russia? Get a risk report with 360 degree overview of your foreign partnerCheck your supplier
Find suppliers in Russia
Plan to start importing from Russia? Get in touch with supplier from any industry from oil to foodGet a list of suppliers
Find suppliers of crude oil and petroleum products in Russia
Want to find suppliers of crude oil and petroleum products in Russia? Get contacts and information on companiesLearn more

Company full risk report

Complete business information report:

Company data, CEO, founders and shareholders, company connections, branches, contact details, website, financial information for 5 years, positive and negative factors, ratings


Suppliers list of contacts

List of approved Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders, B2B Buyers or Manufacturers

Every company in the list comes with full contact details: phones, emails, websites, CEO


Supplier sourcing and verification

List of 10 pre-qualified companies with 10 Risk Reports

+ List of approved Importers and Exporters with full contact details: phones, emails, websites, CEO
+ Risk Reports for each company in the list


100 m+
We have data on more than 100 million companies from China and Russia and other countries
50 m+
Last year our users have downloaded more than 50 million company reports from our web-service
10 k+
More than 10 000 customers use our web-service
Complete information on one screen
Complete information on one screen
Detailed information on state contracts, arbitration cases, inspections and enforcement proceedings on one screen
Quick and convenient company research
Quick and convenient company research
If you know the name of the company, Taxpayer Identification Number, Address or a website, we can help you to find this company and run a background check
Connections analysis
Connections analysis
Learn more about the activities of your counterparty, subsidiaries, connections through directors, founders and owners
Analyze company background
Analyze company background
Financial information, connections, positive and negative factors, directors, arbitration cases
Reduce Risks
Reduce Risks
Assess the risks of future deals and make a better business decision
Business-reports on foreign companies
Business-reports on foreign companies
Download Brief Risk Report or Complete Business Information Report on any company from China, Russia

Find a Russian organization by its main business activity

If you want to find Russian exporters offering some specific goods or services, find the business activity in the list below and click on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect after filling out the form?

We will contact you to request supplier details.

What type of service we provide?

  • Background investigation report
  • Sellers’ contact list

How much will it cost?

Our prices

What do you need to know to verify a supplier?

The most important information is a full name of the company. Additionally is good to learn the address and registration number.

What is the success rate of finding reliable sellers though your list?

Each situation is different but accourding to our clients statistics the success rate is more than 70%.